Deal of the Month – February

Each month SELF/STYLED brings you a new deal from Salon Services. There’s a new brand landing for February – it’s time to discover Wunderbar!

It’s the latest import of German engineering at its finest. No, we’re not talking about cars – Wunderbar is the cutting-edge professional hair brand, ideal for stylists who like to stay one step ahead of the rest with colour trends.

Wunderbar arrives this month exclusively at Salon Services, available in-store and online, and we got a sneak peek at some of the products you’ll find…

Each colour product is specially formulated with Wunderbar’s unique Triple Colour Technology that improves overall hair condition and vibrancy – and offers unlimited colour mixing opportunities.

Here’s a bit more information about the different products in the range:

Permanent hair colour creams (£6.19/ €6.95 ex VAT)

Wunderbar has an extensive range of Permanent Hair Colour Creams in 125 different shades — all of which can be intermixed to create any tone or shade desired.

Freestyle semi-permanent colour creams (£6.19/ €6.95 ex VAT)

Wunderbar Freestyle Colour is direct-acting, semi-permanent hair colour creams with an acidic pH. All shades in this range can all be intermixed to create perfect, personalised results as well.


This stops all chemical action, removes any traces of peroxide and neutralises alkali to prevent creeping oxidation — helping stabilise the colouring of treated hair so that you can customise styling even after the colour treatment.

Prices vary from £2.99/ €3.29 ex VAT for the 120ml tube to £8.79/ €9.96 ex VAT for the 1L tube.

Wunderbar’s Hair Colour Cream Shade Guide (£19.99/ €22.35 ex VAT)

This comprehensive guide includes an easy-to-follow grid of levels and tonalities as well as a technical leaflet. Together, the products and leaflet provide you with everything you need to create distinctive and unique looks for your clients.

But it wouldn’t be Deal of the Month without an amazing deal to be had. Salon Services have two exciting introductory offers running throughout February across the Wunderbar range:

  • Buy 1 tube and get a free 120ml developer (limited to 2 developers per customer, while stocks last)

  • Buy 5 tubes and get a free 1L developer and shade chart (while stocks last)

Viel Spaß (have fun)!

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