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by | 30 Apr 2021

Are you providing for your eco-conscious client? We’re looking at some of the amazing sustainable and eco-friendly options that are making a buzz in the hairdressing world. Start a conversation with your clients, play your part and evaluate your hairdressing habits.

Already fancy yourself to be an eco-warrior? Read on to learn about our brand new Sustainability Hero category in our Most Wanted Awards!



Eco-ethical weDo/ Professional is vegan, with 93 to 99.7 per cent natural origin ingredients and 100 per cent recyclable plastic packaging. For every product sold, eight plastic bottles are collected from the environment, in partnership with Plastic Bank. weDo/  sponsors Fearne Cotton’s much-loved Happy Place podcast, and you can listen to the recent episode with Plastic Bank’s founder David Katz here.




KMS has unveiled three professional Solid Shampoo Bars, highly concentrated versions of their much-loved formulas with natural ingredients. The solid formula helps to save water during product development, as well as reduce plastic and packing materials which lessen CO2 emissions in turn.




What do you do with a hairbrush that’s past its best? So many end up in landfill – break the chain with the new Go Green collection from Wet Brush. Featuring a mini detangling brush and a treatment comb made from 100 per cent PLA (plant-based plastic), the collection uses 65 per cent less energy in its manufacture. A stroke of genius!



Think disposable towels seem counter-intuitive to save the planet? You’d be wrong – the amount of energy used to heat water and wash towels is astounding. Scrummi towels deliver on both a client experience and an eco-friendly front, thanks to 100 per cent sustainably sourced plant fibres to create a towel which feels luxurious and substantial while still being fully biodegradable. They also produce the Biocape, a biodegradable salon cape which was developed during the first lockdown.




My Hair. My Canvas. from Alterna is the luxurious 100 per cent vegan range you’ve been looking for. The products contain zero sulphate surfactants, phthalates and synthetic colour. The secret ingredient is an infusion of sustainably harvested botanical caviar, an Asian super-food known to help improve moisture retention and smooth the cuticle to add bounce, shine and strength.



Founded by salon owner JC Aucamp and a team of experts (including his twin), Salon Sustainability provides an incredibly comprehensive waste recovery programme designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry. They can recycle everything you can think of, including aluminium foils, colour tubes, chemicals, hair, plastic and paper, and now offer a PPE recovery programme and fully compostable PPE including gowns, aprons and gloves. You can choose from bespoke subscription packages to a pay-as-you-go shop. Easy peasy!




Looking for a hair growth product that isn’t packed with nasties? Natucain is a hair loss treatment that stimulates hair directly at the root, created with a unique combination of 100 per cent natural active ingredients with no hormones, silicones, parabens or sulphates.




Don’t waste those old extensions once they’re done being worn! Remi Cachet has an award-winning recycling scheme where clients can send their old extensions back to be reused and help clean up the world’s oceans, in partnership with charity Matter of Trust.




Leaf Scissors’ aim to be the world’s first sustainable scissors brand is truly inspiring. It supports the Eden Reforestation Project, planting 10 trees every time a pair of scissors is sold, and all of its packaging is plastic-free with a minimum of 90 per cent recycled material.

MWIT Sustainability hero

Are you 2021’s Most Wanted Sustainability Hero?

Because of the increasing embrace of sustainability by salons and stylists, this year Creative HEAD has launched an entirely new category in its Most Wanted Awards – the Sustainability Hero, in association with Kao.

We want to know about the initiatives and activities that demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability, including how it’s essential to your core business practices. Show how your approach to sustainability has delivered positive change, and share with us the design of your workplace, the products you use, the way you reduce, re-use and recycle materials and waste, the brands you partner with, the local independent businesses you support… we want to know! Enter now at

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