Five reasons why you should rethink the razor

by | 17 Jun 2019

Don’t dismiss the razor – the often overlooked tool can be an exciting way to create beautiful hair, as industry icon Beverly C, educator for Goldwell, explains…

1. Many hairdressers look at the razor as being just a texurizing tool – this is a myth and could not be further from the truth.  It’s really a very important cutting tool for precision cutting with a slightly softer edge, or a tool to create a soft, seamless effect within any cut.

2. I personally train hairdressers to use it to create three main effects:

A blunt guide line – a precision cut with a very slight element of softness
A soft guide line – one that still has a degree of definition with a defused edge
A feathered defused guide line – whereby there is no defined edge

Plus, there are two ways to use it: flat blade cutting (using the flat full edge of the razor to carve out weight and shape) and side blade cutting (using the side edge for more precision work).

 3. For me, the razor is a must for forward graduation.  Scissors can often leave a club-cut line within the forward graduation, which then takes time to remove by point cutting to soften it. However, the razor will achieve a seamless precision graduation with a softness that is beautiful and can be achieved in minutes.

4. Using the razor to created precision soft layering or graduation on even fine, limp hair will create more volume than blunt cutting.  This is due to the slight uneven edge which acts as a support and creates a natural volume.

Beverly C

5. Introducing and learning to use the razor as part of your cutting techniques will open up a whole new creativity in your technical and creative work.  The razor can be used on most hair types, but defused soft- razor cutting on ultra frizzy hair should mostly be avoided. Personally, I couldn’t be without my razor!

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