Golden Daze

We’re dreaming of golden tones and fresh shades for spring. Discover how Zoë Irwin is blazing a trail with glazing services, and the chance to WIN a Wella Professionals Illumina Color X Zoë Irwin gift set for yourself!

It’s the final, finishing touches that make all the difference when it comes to colour. “I won’t let my clients with lightened hair leave the salon without a toning or glazing service,” says Zoë Irwin. As a two-time winner of the Most Wanted Creative Talent Award, we’re inclined to trust her opinions when it comes to next-level finishes.

These glazes are part of a new blonde glazing menu that Zoë has developed exclusively for Wella Professionals using Illumina Color. Inspired by blonde icons Brigitte Bardot and Monica Vitti, as well as a love of the dreamy haze of ’70s photography, these diluted washes of colour pick up areas of pre-lightened hair to bring them to life.

“I’ve lost count of the times a client has asked me to leave their pre-lightened ‘raw’ hair because it has that freshly lightened look they want,” she says, “but when I add a bespoke glaze they are amazed at the difference to their colour, at just how much more beautiful and premium it looks.” Zoë’s role as UK colour trend expert is one of constant innovation, experimenting with the latest products and tracking interest in numerous other colour fields to predict what’s next in hair. “Illumina colour is my absolute favourite product for glazing to create natural, sheer and luminous hair colour with a soft, diffused look. It makes hair look really expensive, chic and classy,” she adds.


“This is my Glazing Contour Techniques using Palm Painting, which is the traditional French method. I always use Blondor Freelights to do this. The glaze is Pampelonne Peach, created using Illumina Color 10/1 and Opal-essence by Illumina Color Copper Peach.”



“This is my Glazing Balayage technique called Sienna Sand, using Illumina Color 9/59 and Opal-esence by Illumina Color Platinum Lily.”

Four new shades have joined the Illumina Color range from Wella Professionals. These shades are set to expand the already much-loved cool blonde range, which uses Microlight technology for a luminous, sheer colour result. It contains Wella Professionals’ most advanced technology to help prevent hair damage, and absolutely no animal-derived ingredients.



10/81 – great for lightening natural hair up to three levels, neutralisation on warm yellow and orange undertones to achieve clean, sophisticated blondes. Ideal for toning over pre-lightened hair to achieve icy results.

9/19 – great for gently neutralising golden hues when lightening, or to create a soft, icy beige when toning pre-lightened hair. Use on natural hair to achieve natural beige blondes.

9/59 – great for toning natural hair levels seven and above for a delicate, warmer raspberry hue.

8/93  – great for lightening natural hair on level five and above. Beautiful for toning brunette balayage to maintain soft, natural hair highs.

Fancy trying these new shades yourself? We have a Wella Professionals Illumina Color X Zoë Irwin gift set up for grabs – click here for more information.

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