How To – Indola Street Style S/S21

We chat to Indola’s global ambassadors, Andy Smith and Paddy McDougall, about how these new Indola Street Style looks are infinitely adaptable for     clients – and show you how to create one of the looks!

What goes around comes around – it’s always been the case.  Spring/Summer 2021 is no different, with retro late ’90s/early ’00s vibes abound in response to a collective wish for simpler times. We spoke to Paddy McDougall and Andy Smith, Indola’s global ambassadors, about the latest Indola Street Style collection and how the new looks are perfect for freelance artists to adapt.

Indola S/S21 Street Style
Indola S/S21 Street Style

Indola S/S21 Street Style

Each season Paddy and Andy collaborate to create a ‘blockbuster technique’, which represents Indola’s take on the biggest trends in colour. For S/S21 it’s Layering, a reaction to the need to create dimension in the hair using subtle and contrasting variations of depth and tone. There are three representations of the technique within the campaign which demonstrate the usability and versatility of the technique for all of your clients. Read on to discover Paddy and Andy’s thoughts on the collection, how you can adapt the looks infinitely to suit your clientele, with a full breakdown how to create one of the stunning campaign looks.

Paddy McDougall

Paddy McDougall Hairdresser

For some time now we have been moving away from narrower trends; it’s about wider movements in hair and fashion. These looks are ideal for freelancers because they represent cool, relatable and infinitely wearable takes on the latest movements in hair and fashion.

“Behind the looks are a series of transferable, adaptable techniques that provide freelancers with a roadmap for how to create on-trend hair on any hair type. The collection, the techniques and products behind it represent a great opportunity for freelancers to progress their work and evolve their own personal brand.” 

Andy Smith

Andy Smith Hairdresser

“All of the looks take influence from the ’90s with a modern twist and style to them. It gives them a bit more a polished look but broken around the edges. You can utilise the techniques from the new Street Style Collection to give your clients a bit more of a current edge and a different approach to their usual cut.

“Ash Brown would be for those who want to go a bit braver with a new style, and the Effortless Blonde is quite a classic layer but has internal channels. The High Contrast bob is then incorporating a fringe and a bit more shape to the classic bob which is then easy to adapt and create a new buzz with your clients.”

Indola S/S21 – Ash Brown

The sophisticated rebel – a look which reinterprets the quintessential “chunky highlights” and modernises them with a brand-new ash colour palette. This looks stays true to its rebel roots with a messy texture and a soft fringe for an edgy, modern vibe. The colour is based on an ash and chocolate palette which redefines the concept of a brunette with a bold contrast. The cut is then a layered look with a soft fringe to showcase an effortlessly chic vibe of the ’90s girl, while the texture is kept messy for “a touch of a rebel in a sophisticated look.”



STEP 1 & STEP 2: Section the hair as shown.

STEP 3: Starting with the centre section, elevate following the head shape and round towards the fringe.

STEP 4: When centre section is complete, start adding the sides using your centre guide and then change your angle from short to angle maintaining the length towards the edge. Repeat on both sides.

STEP 5: Once the front is complete, start from the centre back using the front as guide and cut short to long. Pivot round either side following your previous section.

STEP 6: Work in your exterior length using free hand technique.

STEP 7: Freehand the fringe in.

STEP 8: Dry and refine the haircut.


Colour One:
INDOLA Permanent Caring Color 5.11+ INDOLA Cream Developer 6% – 20vol (1:1)
Colour Two: INDOLA Permanent Caring Color 6.18+ INDOLA Cream Developer 6% – 20vol (1:1)
Colour Three: INDOLA Permanent Caring Color 8.18 + 6.18 + INDOLA Cream Developer 9% – 30vol (1:1:2)


STEP 1: Section as shown.

STEP 2: Apply Colour 1 to the lengths and ends
on lower section.

STEP 3: Continue colouring with Colour One around the lower section perimeter.

 STEP 4: Move on to upper section and apply Colour Two to the root area.

STEP 5: Continue working throughout the hairline leaving a soft finish around the edges.

STEP 6: Colour the lengths of the upper section using Colour Three.

STEP 7: Cross check to ensure full saturation on the section.

STEP 8: After completing the application allow the colour to develop up to 45 minutes.

You can discover how to style and finish the look, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to create the other two looks from the collection, on the Indola website.

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