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by | Nov 3, 2020 | Self Employment

No matter where you are on your career path or what learning style suits you, Wella Professionals’ expertly designed education combines face-to-face, online and blended learning experiences that will set you up for success. With the 2021 Education Year Book landing later this month, here’s everything you need to know…

Are you slipping into old habits? Feeling a bit stale and uninspired? Or are you grappling to keep your clients engaged with your work? Remind them – and yourself – why you chose to go freelance and strike out on your own with the help of Wella Professionals. Its eEducation platform and in-person training at its world-renowned Studios are the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest styling and colour techniques, as well as important new products and trending services.

The new 2021 Education Year Book is available now, so there’s never been a better time to take advantage of this unexpected downtime to plan for a fruitful 2021, call your nearest Wella Studio to discuss education plans available for you, or explore the abundant eEducation for product knowledge and inspiration.

You’re never alone with the support of Wella Professionals. Maybe you have a very specific colour conundrum – did you know you can book in for direct, one-to-one advice via video call with a Wella colour expert? Maybe you’re looking for some savvy business advice – Wella Professionals’ amazing Profit Calculator service is everything you need to see a healthy return on every service. Maybe you’re lacking confidence in a particular aspect of your skillset – not to worry, Wella has a library of video content to access, as well as education courses on every aspect of hair.

We asked some freelance educators what sets Wella Professionals apart from other brands as they navigate these tough times…

“I usually look at the current trends and make a decision to look at what training courses are available to achieve those looks. Making the time to do the courses is the hardest bit, but as long as I plan in advance then I can blank out the time in my diary. On days where I’m quiet or don’t have any bookings I will get out my training head and try out new techniques. I love Wella because I was trained in the products at college; the ranges are broad and cover everything you need, and the quality is consistently good.” – Jane Lambert

“I often take a look at what Wella is offering. I used the online education a lot, especially over lockdown. I tend to book things that allow me to get in-depth with Wella products, I enjoy anything that gets technical. It helps knowing as much information as possible because it builds confidence, which is key when you’re freelance. When looking for new techniques I think about my clientele, to find something that would fit in with them so I can always offer them something new. This makes them look forward to having their hair done and they always rebook. I’m always taking a look at the Wella education book to see what’s planned, as well as the eEducation site. Wella offers so much help and education – the community is great.” – Laura Dauncey

“Wella’s Instagram and Facebook pages are amazing for added skills and colour techniques that I can graze over once I’ve finished in the evenings. I love Wella products, I’ve used them since starting my career in 2005. Wella is my go-to range within my studio, and my clients love the ever-growing colour options. I can make any colour long-lasting, glossy and moisturising.” – Renee Riley

Call your nearest Wella Studio to discuss and book your perfect Wella Education package. You can find Wella’s Education Yearbook 2020 HERE, and keep your eye out for Wella’s Education Yearbook 2021 – released on 23 November.

Wella World Studio London: +44 203 650 4700

Wella Studio Manchester: +44 161 834 2645

Wella Studio Dublin: +353 1 416 0900

The Wella eEducation platform is open 24/7 to all hairdressers offering an array of online seminars, tutorials and step-by-steps – all at the swipe of a finger on any device. Discover where it could take you HERE.     

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