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Electric London Professional products add a real spark to any job

Being able to wow your clients with the ingredients and quality of your products, as much as the finish of the hair, goes a long way to establishing trust in your expertise. It’s this edge which helps to turn a singular job into a regular client.

Electric London Professional products come straight from the creative mind of founder Mark Woolley, who knows exactly how important it is to have a kit full of products you trust. Each product has been designed to be flexible and effective in a variety of situations, and a lot of thought has gone into the ingredient sourcing.

The compact collection of products is full of winners,
but these five picks are core kit choices for a reason


NEW WT-1 Harrier Hairdryer

Fancy blow-drying clients with the power of a Harrier Jump Jet? That had you sitting up didn’t it – the new Harrier Hairdryer is the next best thing, with an emphasis on power for fast, energy-efficient drying times. Expect three heat and two speed settings, a thorough cool shot and dual-voltage to ensure it works anywhere in the world. Talk about a jet-setter…

°C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk

Need some boost in your clients’ roots? This volumising powder is magnesium-free, which means it doesn’t have the grittiness and stickiness that so many clients hate. By replacing it with a unique silica blend, you get the volume and grip you need without the unpleasant feel.

°C-6 Cloudburst

Reach for the sky with this innovative firm holding mousse. Mark wasn’t happy with the traditional mousse formulas – too sticky, too drying. It took two years to develop this unique product which moisturises rather than dries out hair, thanks to a carrier of avocado oil rather than alcohol. It feels like nothing else, soft and light as a cloud, and it doesn’t disappear within seconds either.

°C-1 Rose Serum

The eternal search for the perfect non-oily oil is over. This lightweight, invisible oil gives an incredible luminous finish to hair. With 17 per cent English rose extract, harvested directly from Electric’s Falmer Court in Sussex, it’s a key step forward in Mark’s ambitions for locally-sourced ingredients which still deliver exceptional performance.

P*-4 Preparation Spray

This is Electric’s best-selling product world-wide, and with good reason! One of those all-round winners which are a kit staple, this light leave-in conditioner primes hair for any styling you desire. It’s packed with nourishing oils to hydrate, while intelligent UV and heat-protecting ingredients help to keep hair in tip-top condition.

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