Ker-CHING! Cashing in with SELF/STYLED Sunday

Money was the name of the game for September’s SELF/STYLED Sunday, with a focus on working smarter, rather than harder, to create the successful freelance career that you deserve.

SELF/STYLED Sunday, in association with event partner Aston & Fincher, delivered yet another income-boosting mix of masterclasses and business webinars designed specifically for freelance artists on 26 September. The day began with an incredible SELF/MADE Masterclass from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris. Exclusive for Day Pass holders, this masterclass featured the inimitable skills of Jamie Stevens as he covered essential advice for winning consultations as well as TWO fast-fashion cuts.

Time is money, not to mention some clients are still harbouring concerns about time spent in the salon. Jamie’s take on how to create a modern mullet and textured bob, with quick-fire twists on classic techniques, had viewers spellbound. “Versatility and change is fabulous; you should never be doing the ‘same again’ for clients,” he insisted. Access to the Masterclass also gave viewers an exclusive discount from Aston & Fincher, as an extra cherry on top of the educational cake!

Sharon Brigden, MD of SLBPR, was next in the hotseat for a PR Brief session all about three key groups of clients that should be your focus at this time of year, and how best to approach them all. “It’s about tapping into those channels you already have, and maximising those connections for the best effect on your business,” she explained. Awareness and familiarity with these key groups mean you’re perfectly placed to grow and maintain your client list, and perhaps open up new channels of income.

After lunch it was time to dig deeper into positive changes to affect real change on your bottom line. Our Panel Talk on ‘The Hustle’ featured a fab foursome who happily delved into the changes they’ve made to achieve the freelance careers of their dreams, as well as discussing some of the sticking points and challenges they’ve faces along the way.

Hairdresser J

James Earnshaw, colourist and stylist extraordinaire, poured time and energy into content days to create a following for his raw, BTS-style imagery. He also garnered support from the brands he specifically targeted, resulting in roles with ghd, Wella Professionals and Amika to name a few. Lynette Murray, frustrated with the trappings of chair renting, set about creating her own studio space which was both a reflection of herself and a safe space for her own clients to escape to. With no shop window to worry about, Lynette curated a clientele that matched with her vision of an eco-friendly, vegan-friendly hair space.

Freelance session hairstylist Lauren Bell taking part in a Zoom panel as part of Self/Styled Sunday on 26 September 2021
Freelance hairstylist and educator Cristina Fazzone taking part in a Zoom panel as part of Self/Styled Sunday on 26 September 2021

Lauren Bell made the leap into full-time session work at the beginning of the pandemic, but made it work thanks to the efforts she’d already put in. With a place as Richard Phillipart’s right-hand woman, plus her own rapidly climbing credits, her patience and determination have clearly paid off. Cristina Fazzone rounded off the group, bringing her experience as a successful colourist who has moved into education to fill the missing niche she wished had existed when she was training. With a focus on the mindset and science of confidence, matched with her one-to-one approach to colour education (perfect for those who hate asking questions in front of a group), her business is booming more than ever.

The finale was a SELF/HELP Session led by Maddi Cook, founder of Boss Your Salon. Having educated over 9000 people on how to properly price themselves, her invaluable experience and welcoming delivery had every feeling more empowered. She was quick to cast aside the idea that pricing should be tied to location, or perceived affluence, and encouraged viewers to evaluate their pricing strategies. “This has been going on and on, looking at what other people are doing and trying to replicate them,” she noted. “But it’s just like the blind leading the blind.”

A huge thanks to everyone who tuned into SELF/STYLED Sunday – as ever, there was so much to take away, from practical techniques to invaluable business advice, not to mention that Aston & Fincher discount!

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