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by | 15 Aug 2019

Stocking up a new kit is expensive – where is it worth spending the money? We look at some of the best texturizing sprays for the perfect amount of grit, hold and undone finish

Unite Texturiza spray

UNITE Hair – Texturiza

A blast of Texturiza leaves hair full of body and volume. It treads that fine line between moveable texture and the hold to keep hair boosted for hours. This dry, translucent spray has a weightless finish and isn’t crunchy or drying.

Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Spray

Hair By Sam McKnight – Cool Girl Texturising Spray

No, it’s not cheap, but you know it’s so good! This is basically Sam’s signature effortless, nonchalant styling in a can. It leaves an almost matte-sheen finish to the hair and is so lightweight that even product-phobic clients will be appeased. (Also it smells like perfume, we’re sold.)

JOICO Beach Shake

JOICO – Beach Shake

Ideal for thicker hair and medium/course textures, Beach Shake avoids the crispy aspect of many salt sprays and leaves hair perfectly piecey and tousled. It also contains coconut and sunflower seed oils to help keep hair hydrated and shiny rather than gritty and dull.

Amika Undone spray

amika – UN.DONE Volume and Matte Texture Spray

For a rock-chick, freshly-rolled-out-of-bed finish, this matte and salt-free formula is a winner. It contains rice starch to absorb oil and add texture, while sea buckthorn berry helps to keep hair from getting too dehydrated and smelling ah-may-zing.

Redken Windblown 05

Redken – Windblown 05

Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray is perfect for a lighter take on texture sprays. It gives you the volume and airy texture without the thicker grit that can weigh hair down. You can play and re-mould as you go for hours of flexible fullness.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Texture Craft

Schwarzkopf Professional – OSiS+ Texture Craft

For more of a firm hold and seriously amped-up finish, use OSiS+ Texture Craft spray to define and help shape styles, boosting body and root lift without sacrificing the natural feel and shine of the hair. Formulated with Friction Styling Technology, it combines flexible polymers with micro-raw particles for impressive texture.

Paul Mitchell Flexible Spray Wax

Paul Mitchell – Flexible Style Spray Wax

A little of this goes a long way! A couple of bursts leave hair with plenty of texture and body that can be reworked again and again, but without weighing finer hair down. It’s all thanks to the microcrystalline wax, which is non-oily and leaves a satin finish.

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