Ky Wilson’s Top Tips for Self-Shooting Content

by | 8 Mar 2021

Even when we’re able to get back to work, lockdown has shown us how invaluable it is to connect with clients on social media with your own content. If you’re scared to take that plunge, take some tips from one of the best in the biz – Ky Wilson has you covered.

Are you looking to share your skills through video tutorials, live interviews or chats and at-home hair hacks but are unsure where to start? We have ten top tips from branding and social expert Ky Wilson to help you feel more confident in self-shooting content for your social channels that looks super professional to help boost your engagement. Read on to find out how to get even more from your video content with his new IGTV series with BaByliss PRO.

Ky Wilson shooting content
Ky Wilson shooting content
Ky Wilson shooting content

Pick up your phone and start filming

This sounds simple, but it’s usually the biggest hurdle. Confidence is everything, and you need to give it all you’ve got.

Choose your topic, and write a script

Having a script is the power to know what you’re saying. Plus, it will stop you getting in front of the camera and freezing up, and then giving up. Use your script as a plan to figure out what footage you need – and don’t forget that all important B-roll.

Overshoot as much as you can

Shoot multiple versions of your script and other footage you capture. That way, when it comes to editing you’ll have a choice of which to use, and you’ll often find this makes for a much more engaging final product.

Grab your viewer’s attention

Mobile social users spend on average just 1.7 seconds before they swipe onto something else, and that’s how long you have to capture their attention. Your opening shot is one of the most important things to focus on.

Get your kit together

A phone is the most important tool you need, but think about extras you could use to enhance your content and make your life much easier. Even something simple like a bluetooth clicker will be a game changer.

Think about your lighting

Natural daylight is without a doubt the best light to film in, but it’s constantly changing, so be careful when you plan to shoot and how long it will take. Artificial lighting will help you, but your setup is very important.

Let yourself be heard

The mic on your phone is great, but headphones or even a clip-on mic can make your voice so much clearer and level up the quality of your video.

Find your vibe

Make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re capturing, otherwise it won’t come off very well on camera. There are different ways of creating content for different comfort levels so find out what you’re happy with and go for it.


The camera sucks so much life out of you that you need to go over the top to compensate for it, even though you might feel a bit silly at first doing this. You don’t need a drama degree, just be the very best version of yourself.

Be yourself

That’s why your followers follow you! Try and be your true self and be as authentic as possible – this will be so important when you look back at your content and know you’ve created something you’re proud of.

If you’re itching to get started then be sure to check out Ky Wilson’s new IGTV mini-series with BaByliss PRO, ‘Content Creation.’ This four-part video series sees Ky covering the basics of self-shooting content from getting started and planning posts, through to how to use lighting and other kit to take the basic at-home production quality to the next level.

“On average it takes less than two seconds for someone to scroll past a video on social that they’re not interested in, which is less than the attention span of a goldfish,” Ky explains. “This new series is designed to show you how to make your content more interesting, visually appealing, and ultimately more engaging.”

Click HERE to watch his series on self-shooting content over on the BaByliss PRO IGTV.

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