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Wella Professionals has designed a brand new three-step colouring service to make your life easier: Luxelights. Read on for an exclusive how-to from Robert Eaton on how to make Luxelights work for you and your clients

Wella Professionals Luxelights is all about placement. This quick and effective three-step process is the perfect way to offer your clients something new, something bespoke, something that looks like an elevated version of themselves.


Break up the appearance of over-saturated lengths. Section large weaves and apply, keeping colour away from the root.


Add a shadowed root colour or blend away and cover natural grey regrowth.


Finish the service with the perfect toning, gloss-giving service to tie everything together.

It really is location, location, location. It’s down to your expert eye to assess your client’s style and personalise each service. No two heads of hair are the same, so placement is where you can really showcase your skills and keep clients returning to your chair.

The principle is as simple as creating natural-looking dimension to hair that otherwise appears uniform and dulled by a lack of variance. The great thing about a Luxelights service is that it’s great on all hair lengths and types!

Pull attention your client’s facial features with careful placements around the cheekbones, the eyes and jawline to help break up longer lengths. Use Luxelights in a horizontal pattern around the head for a halo effect to really showcase curls with the varied tones. Give the appearance of thicker hair for finer locks by using medium weaves, or help to break up the appearance of coarse hair with medium slices.

Luxelights is ultimately simple, but infinitely variable and able to really capture the attention of clients who would usually overlook colour services.


It can be difficult to walk that fine line between keeping to a clients’ natural look and offering them something different enough to justify time and expense. For a harmonious appearance, stick to shades that are within three levels of each other. Use warmer, lighter colours to reflect the light and give the illusion of volume.

Robert Eaton, technical director for Wella Professionals UK & Ireland, talks us through how he created this expensive-looking honey blonde update…

Formula A – 30g Blondorplex + 45ml Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Developer

Formula B – 30g 88/02 + 30ml Welloxon Perfect 6% Developer

Formula C – 20g 9/31 + 20ml Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Pastel Developer + 20ml INVIGO Post Color Treatment




Divide the hair into four sections. Work from the front hairline towards the crown, take fine slices and apply Formula A root to tip.

Repeat on the other four quadrants of the head, working from bottom to top. For a softer effect you can back-comb the root area.


Apply Formula B to the root area. Develop, rinse and apply Wellaplex No2 Bond Stabilizer for 10 minutes. Shampoo and apply Blondor Seal & Care for five minutes.


For a luxurious, high-shine finish with a soft tone, apply Formula C from root to tip. Develop for five-ten minutes and rinse until the water runs clear.

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