Make that connection

Being authentically YOU is tricky when your client is the one to please. Bringing your own style and substance to the table can be a challenge when you’re bending to the whims and needs of someone else. But that isn’t the Creative HEAD way

For our Christmas 2020 issue, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the creatives. The thinkers, the risk-takers, the bold. So we assembled a dream team of independent freelancers and salon-based colourists to shine a spotlight on those living their lives and careers authentically.

We teamed up with Matrix for an explosive colour shoot, centred on this idea of creation in an unrestrained manner and in celebration of the brand new Matrix Colour Collective – a creative playground, a gathering of the freethinkers who do things their own way and use colour to instinctively express themselves. The idea is to create a community of hairdressers – all with their own styles, ambitions and experiences – who have a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of hair.

The partnership was perfect, so a date was set, our crew was assembled and on a soaking wet Friday in October, six brilliant creative minds – together with models they personally cast and individually crafted moodboards – gathered on set, bringing their vision to life under the watchful eye of mentors Lisa Farrall and Ria Kuliak.

The result? A refreshingly real celebration of self, of expression and of creativity to inspire.

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