5 colour innovations you need to know

Every so often, a new product comes along that promises to change the way you colour – and you’re in luck, because we’ve got five. Grab your mixing bowl and get ready to up your game!

Image: L’Oréal Professionnel Blonde Studio 9 Levels

Paper Not Foil

No matter what technique you’re using, Paper Not Foil offers the perfect way to process your work of art. Launched in New Zealand by hairdresser Amanda Buckingham, it’s both effective and environmentally friendly. Foil, a once necessary component of colouring, can’t be recycled unless it’s completely clean, so the majority of it goes in the bin. Paper Not Foil is just as effective as foil – if not more so – and is also totally sustainable. Its chalk-like texture means it grabs well, and there’s no folding needed so it makes your colour application quicker. Re-use it two or three times by washing and drying, and revel in your new eco credentials!

JOICO Defy Damage

Defy Damage Pro Series is a two-part system that works beautifully with any hair colour and lightener. Pro Series 1 is a bond protecting colour optimising spray that you apply, comb through and you are ready to start colouring. Once you have shampooed off the colour, reach for the Pro Series 2 pump at the backwash, and the bond mission is complete! All that’s left is to blow-dry, style and wait for your client’s eyes to light up when they see that super-shiny finish with a velvet-soft feel. Then, so they can keep up the good work at home, there’s the Defy Damage protective shampoo, conditioner, masque and shield.

L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio 9 Levels

There’s no need to schedule multiple appointments to help your clients realise their blonde ambition – this innovative powder formula of Blond Studio 9 Levels combines maximum performance while maintaining hair health. This versatile formula can be used for all blonde techniques, and is super quick and effective. There’s no need to worry about drips or mess, as Blond Studio 9 Levels is precise and creates neutral results. Then, for the finishing touch, the L’Oréal Professionnel French Gloss service boosts shine in just 10 minutes – ideal for your new blonde work.

Revlon Professional MAGN±T

This powerful new defence system from Revlon Professional is the result of years of research, and contains a combination of active ingredients that tackle hair issues head on. The result? The best possible colour result with full protection for the hair fibre. The hero of the MAGN±T range is the Anti-Pollution Neutralizer, which protects the hair’s inner structure and neutralises the negative effects of metals in colour services. And there are plenty of retail options with MAGN±T – the Color Lock Shampoo, Anti-Pollution Daily Shield, Anti-Pollution Micellar Cleanser and the Moisturise Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask.

Advanced Pro Salon Colour Code

This new colour range is more than a little bit special. Infused with ProPlex Technology, it repairs the hair as it colours, and adds rather than compromises strength. It’s also formulated with argan oil, has an enhanced fragrance and has added vitamins B5, C and E, which improve the hair health. And with 117 shades, from blondes and pastels to vibrant reds and dark brunettes, there’s a tone to suit every client.

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