Peaches and Cream

The temperature is rising, so enjoy this warm weather delight from LA based colourist Chad Kenyon

Chad Kenyon 

In recent months we’ve seen a rise in colour trends that take their inspiration from sweet treats; indeed we’ve already served you some food colours for thought. Fast forward to summer and it seems the trend shows no sign of abating, with ‘warm peach cobbler’ being the latest shade to salivate over.

Created by celebrity colourist Chad Kenyon, he describes the shade as “a soft, subtle, scrumptious ombre effect for red hair”. Originally, the term came to life after his client Sydney requested some richer tones to switch up her usual gold and copper-tinted red.

He told US beauty bible Allure that he had been asked to “richen up her hair colour once again with warm golds and coppers, but this time I first painted vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing”.

In order to add some richer tones, Chad then “painted a soft shadow-root, lowlights, and a global-gloss with varying nutmeg-infused peach tones”. He did all of this with a marbled effect, as he says it’s his signature touch to create a “hyper-natural aesthetic and a seamless ‘grow-out’ without lines of demarcation”.

To see more of Chad’s colour creations on Instagram, click here.