Reflecting on connection with SELF/STYLED Sunday

by | 28 Nov 2022

We’re better together. Our final SELF/STYLED Sunday of 2022 had us reflecting on just how crucial personal connections are for hairdressers looking to create a thriving freelance career.

Our digital event series for solo hair professionals, SELF/STYLED Sundays, rounded out the year with four sessions on the theme The Art of Connection. Whether that’s offering clients a personalised service, or reflecting on how certain jobs can connect you with future collaborators, the importance of creating lasting, deep relationships is undeniable.

If you missed out on our live Zoom event, here’s a little taste of what went down. You can find a link to re-watch all four sessions at the end.

Natalya Moosa’s session on helping you to provide care beyond the chair for your textured hair clients – brought to you by Timely business management software – was eye-opening in its breadth. From how to get your clients to open up to you on what they’re actually doing with their hair between services, to advice on protective styling and how products aren’t the be-all and end-all of haircare, there was certainly lots to think about.


Even something as incredible as the Taj Mahal is not going to be as beautiful as it’s intended to be if it’s neglected and not maintained. It’s the same with your clients’ hair.Natalya Moosa, founder of The Organic Afro

Most Wanted Session Stylist Icon Syd Hayes touched on the importance of work relationships multiple times in his wide-ranging interview with SELF/STYLED editor Deborah Murtha. From his early days assisting the likes of Nicky Clarke and Guido to striking out and creating his own signature style, the relationships he’s cultivated having been critical throughout his career. “Always be nice, to everyone,” he insisted. After all, you never know how that one connection may impact you down the line.

Meanwhile the afternoon focused on the business potential of personalisation for your clients. Bespoke is big business, and the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris and Wella Professionals colour masterclasses showcased how to deepen your relationships with your client by being able to offer them something unique to them.

Alan Edwards’ demonstration of the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris INOA range’s potential, mixed with his Contemporary Classics cutting techniques, were a prime example of how hair length and shade contrasts can be dialled up or down depending on how adventurous your clients are feeling. Meanwhile the Signature Naturals collection from Wella Professionals is all about helping your client to feel their most beautiful, their most brilliant, with careful shade choices, understanding undertones and flexible placement ideas.

But don’t just take our word for it – you can now watch all four videos yourself and catch up! You can find all sessions from SELF/STYLED Sunday 27 November 2022 here on our Facebook page.

SELF/STYLED Sundays will return next year, don’t fret!
That all-important date for your diary is 29 January 2023.


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