Rules to live by – don’t play Guess Who with insurance

On set, on location and education
– these encapsulate today’s session stylist

Flexibility is the hallmark of a great session stylist. A couple of hours of notice, a sudden change of direction by the client, or quick thinking on the spot to fix a problem – you need it all. You know what else you need? A great insurance policy to totally cover you through the twists and turns of session stylist life.

We spoke with Gary Crowder, account director of Just Hair & Beauty Insurance, who work to find the right policies for your circumstances. He knows just how important it is to nail down the right policy when you’re a session stylist.

“Insurance plays a major role in the globetrotter’s world, whether we admit to it or not! Session stylists have been known to live out of their suitcase, what with Fashion Week twice a year – doubled if you’re an artist covering both Men’s and Women’s.

Where do we start? What about that old chestnut called assumption. In the case of hair, are you assuming that someone has taken responsibility of protecting you and your clients?

Representation by an agency certainly opens up new opportunities and possibilities – but that representation does not extend to insurance, as you might assume. Unfortunately, agencies also fall into the same trap and assume that, as a professional stylist, you are personally insured.

In the following examples, WHO is protecting you and your client/s in the chair? Unless it is specifically stated, the buck stops with you!

  • Editorial
  • Education (brand ambassador)
  • Fashion week
  • Location (UK/ worldwide)
  • Production (film, TV & theatre)
  • Red carpet
  • In-residence

In the majority of cases, you will not be required to book models but there are exceptions. By the very nature of model castings and colour tests, you will be accountable for their health and safety. It is not uncommon for an artist to book models for a show dependent on their role as brand ambassador.

It should be noted that model agencies’ terms and conditions exclude legal liability for bodily injury and/or damage whilst the model/s are contracted and in the care of the ‘client’ (you)! In these circumstances, Employers Liability protection is required.

A typical Public Liability policy isn’t going to cut it; the nuances of the session world require the right policy to cover the myriad situations.”