Monthly drops of business brilliance? It can only be the Salon Smart HUB

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Self Employment, SELF/STYLED Business

Discover Creative HEAD’s brand-new, FREE initiative to help you build your freelance business to new heights: the Salon Smart HUB

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Salon Smart is Creative HEAD’s business education and inspiration programme – bringing together brilliant people and exciting brands, sharing real stories and new ideas and providing unique opportunities for hairdressers to learn from some of the industry’s most respected innovators.

Last year we took Salon Smart digital for the first time, streaming the jam-packed agenda around the world (if you fancy checking it out, it’s still available on demand!)

Now, we’re taking that business expertise one step further with Salon Smart HUB. This business support network is designed to support both salon owners and self-employed hair professionals, with monthly content drops to keep you plugged in and switched on.

The best part? It’s absolutely FREE to join. You’ll find video presentations, debates, podcasts, articles, events and more, featuring a host of experts sharing their knowledge and advice.

Current, relevant, and always available, the Salon Smart HUB has been designed to provide a helping hand or sounding post whenever you need it. Dip in with queries, stay on top of the latest issues and learn how to deal with whatever 2021 and beyond brings for your business from those who know the hairdressing space (and importantly, are living it too).

The Salon Smart HUB is now live and ready for you to explore. Sign up now to get automatic access. You’ll be emailed every month when new content goes live.

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