Smooth sessions

As two-time winner of Most Wanted Session Stylist, Syd Hayes knows the power of a cordless straightener more than most…

You end up in all sorts of odd places as a session stylist – up mountains, near water, on blazing hot sets, in cramped backstage cupboards.

Turning out impeccable work is difficult enough, never mind your location. Being able to style hair as desired, wherever you are, with the BaByliss 9000 cordless straightener is a revelation.

Just ask Syd Hayes, who has been getting to grips with the tool for the last few months.

You used the BaByliss 9000 for several looks at the S/S20 shows
– which was your favourite to create?

My favourite show for S/S20 had to be the Matty Bovan show – sharp, blunt cut and slick straight powder coloured ponytails.

The ponytails had to to be super sleek. In the usual epic moments of show madness, girls ran late getting to the show. Without having the Babyliss Cordless 9000s, those slick ponys would have never made the London catwalk in time for the show – we were working right until they hit that stage.

Have there been any instances recently where you’ve been really thankful to have the 9000 in your kit because there was no power in sight?

We were shooting the BaByliss 9000 TV commercial in Barcelona when the heavens opened, and the rain was constant. I used the cordless 9000s on hair that was Afro in texture which was straightened. I was constantly straightening to keep this looking sleek and straight for the commercial in the rain. In the past this would have been impossible, as we had to have minimal power on the roof due to the danger of the rain. The TV commercial went ahead and it looked incredible.

Some stylists might be sceptical of how powerful the 9000 is without needing mains power
– what would you say to that?

Stylists generally dislike change and using new equipment, but once the 9000s are in your hand the cordless ability becomes a game changer. I certainly have never looked back. There’s no need to worry that they wont last, or have the same power and heat technology. The plates have been tested and coated in the perfect ultra smooth ceramic technology, which maintains heat recovery and gives a super sleek finish on the hair.

Freelance hairstylists and session stylists are always searching for the nearest plug socket backstage, on shoots and at shows. With the power of great hair anywhere, the 9000s are a must for everyone’s kit.