Giving real styling and colour advice; SELF/STYLED Sunday’s first virtual gathering of the year delivered for freelancers. Here’s a snapshot.

Get brave, experiment, and learn new techniques – that was the message from last week’s SELF/STYLED Sunday. Under the theme of ‘Setting Up For Success’, the energy-filled day brought freelancers, top-tier stylists, and educators together to upskill in style for 2023.   Across four sessions spanning haircare, styling, colour experimentation and emerging trends, independent hair stylists received full-to-the-brim advice for a better 2023. The first was delivered by the wonderful Claire Chell, Überliss ambassador, who explained why its three-step bond restructuring system will revolutionise client haircare.  

The name’s bond…  

Bond products are big buzzwords in hairdressing, so what makes Überliss different? It’s the only system in the UK that cares for both hair structure and the scalp. “It’s like we’ve always said, healthy scalp means healthy hair,” and expect better colour results from using it.  The game changing ingredient? Sub-micron technology which penetrates hair instantly and actively seeks disulfide chains in the hair structure. Penetrating the cuticle layers, it delves into the cortex and like a guided missile, seeks, repairs, and adds in fresh chains, making hair stronger.   Stylists today need to offer a diversity of styling and colour services; this includes cutting and finishing textured hair to perfection. Allilon explored this next. 

Dense-free curls, please… 

Johnny Othona from Allilon Education displayed his usual charm as he guided viewers through cutting corkscrew hair for maximum body and volume without heaviness. 

Johnny showed his brickwork cutting system – working in cube shapes from the back of the head. He then used a twist-cutting technique; twisting the hair as tight to the roots as possible and bending it through to create texture, movement, and reduced density for beautiful curls. He warned viewers to douse the hair to help you section and cut it precisely. “It’s important that you work clean. If you don’t, you’re going to be cutting hair in the wrong position.” 

Landing into the afternoon’s session brimming with energy, Wella Professionals digital ambassador James Earnshaw showed what stylists can do with the Koleston Perfect range, using exciting new techniques from the KP Pop Collection.  

A colour for everyone… 

Easily applicable and in as many hues as the rainbow, KP Pop isn’t just for colour rebels. It’s brilliant for virgin grey and white locks too – and even for other base-colours untouched by dye.   Maybe a client wants a shaggy fringe? Just tailor the sectioning patterns so it works for the cut they’re after. “As a freelancer, we’re the ones cutting the hair, you’re in control.”  Going subtler is an option too. “If you’re going to do a block of raspberry colour underneath and then things on top, it might scare them,” said James of nervous clients. “It could be something soft.” Don’t fear bad fading either – with KP Pop, colours tend to fade lighter, not brassier.  

What’s on the horizon? 

The day finished with emerging colour and styling trends. Industry insiders Chris Foster, Jordanna Cobella, Marlon Hawkins, Ryan Steedman and Vicki Hoskin gave their two cents.   For Jordanna, a big favourite is Lunar Blonde, which includes a dash of gold in the toning mixture to enhance reflectiveness. For Chris, he’s looking to runway inspiration for men’s hair. He shared the trends he created for Gucci including spraying the brand’s motif on models’ heads.   For Marlon Hawkins, 2023 is about Gen Z’s cultural icons, like the new Wednesday Adams Jenna Ortega. Vicki Hoskin took things richer with classy coppers while Ryan Steedman focused on Kim Kardashian inspired ‘just got out of the shower’ wet-hair looks and face-framing kiss-curls. 

Look out for the next SELF/STYLED Sunday on May 7th, 2023. Want to re-watch January’s sessions again? Head to our Facebook page.