Top ten tips for bridal hair success

It’s only the biggest day of their life – so no pressure! Here are ten top tips on creating gasp-inducing bridal hair looks from expert educator Elizabeth Rita

Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair

It’s always an honour to work with a bride on their big day, and with brighter days ahead thanks to the Covid-19 vaccines, we’re sure to see more weddings happening again soon. Brush up on your bridal hair skills with the help of Elizabeth Rita, the bridal hair educator on the HAIRDOTCOM Art Team.

Elizabeth Rita

Elizabeth has worked with major fashion labels including Dior as well as numerous celebs for red carpets during her 10-year career. And while the glitz’n’glamour are great, her biggest passion is creating bespoke looks for brides, giving them all a celebrity service for their big day.

She wants to share this passion and skill with others through education, and we have her top ten tips to share! Read through to the end to hear about her upcoming, in-depth course if you’re looking to grow your bridal business.

  • Practice, practice and practice. Think you’ve got it? Practice again.
  • Learn how to work with different hair types. Knowledge is king. You never know what the bridesmaid’s hair will be like on the morning.
  • Always hide your bobby pins within the hair. Really bury them – it never looks good to see them poking out.
Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair
Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair
Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair
  • Brides love to see an organised artist, they will be reassured and trust you from the get-go if you show them schedules, T&C’s, receipts and visible notes from the trial run.
  • Put together a great hair and make-up squad, so it feels like a family and you work as a team. It automatically creates a really fun and relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved.
  • Remember that a wedding morning can sometimes be stressful for some brides or their family, so always remain as cool as a cucumber. This starts with the tone of your voice; brides are like horses, they spook easily and know when you are nervous, so you must remain calm.
Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair
Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair
Elizabeth Rita Bridal Hair
  • Give yourself enough time. I don’t know where time goes but it disappears at a wedding. You won’t be twiddling your thumbs on these jobs that’s for sure.
  • Always bring a needle and thread – you never know when it’s going to save the day.
  • This sounds obvious, but when the bride is in her dress always clean your hands before you put the veil on.
  • When your bride is dressed and ready, take photos from different angles so you can double-check what it looks like on camera. The lens often shows mistakes like gaps or frizz which are not always noticeable in real life.

Weddings are soon to be well and truly back on the agenda – are you ready to maximise your bridal business? Elizabeth is leading a Bridal 101 Hair & Business Masterclass on Monday 1 March, from 10am-1pm. You’ll not only learn trending and traditional bridal looks, but also how to create a bridal service menu for your business. From pricing and promoting to dealing with big day stress, this is a tangible first step in developing your wedding work.

Elizabeth’s Bridal Hair & Business 101 Masterclass is available is available to book via the hairdotcom website.

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