The dos and don’ts to doing men’s hair

by | 17 Jun 2019

Want to be a better men’s groomer? Salon owner, backstage favourite and celebrity stylist, Larry King, gives us his top tips learned from years perfecting the looks of some of the biggest names in men’s style. Jared Leto and David Gandy trust him, so you’re in good hands

Do… go soft round the hair line

This gives a more stylish finish. Harsh hair lines can look severe, but keeping it soft will look more polished.

Don’t… just do a barbering course

Do a full course that covers both men and women. You’ll learn things doing women’s hair that you can use on male clients that you won’t learn in a barbering course.

Do… use scissor over comb instead of clippers if you can

Keep practicing if you find it difficult, but it’s worth it as you can blend much better with scissors and you’ll get a more luxurious finish.

Don’t… rush and undervalue your skills

Take a bit longer and you can justify pushing the price up. Most stylish gents would rather pay a little more and get a better finish.

Do… your homework

Look at old movies, books, eras and pop cultures to really get to know different hairstyles. Then you can tailor haircuts better to suit face shapes or dress sense. 

Don’t… keep a beard looking full

When it comes to beards, personally I think shorter is better. The trend for really full beards is starting to look a bit dated.

Do… use a hairdryer to finish properly

I use the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition as it’s a great bit of kit and will make the world of difference to a finished look.

Don’t… create a neat line of stubble

My biggest and most important tip is tackling the jawline as it’s my pet hate when I see a defined line of stubble. This can totally change a face shape and is very unflattering. Use the attachments on your clippers to blend to nothing instead of that dreaded neat line.

Do… know your finishing products

I use Redken Brews as it comes with a great range of clays and pomades that all do different jobs. Have a play around and see what works for you. Different hair types will need different finishes or a couple mixed together.

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