The kit to upgrade your Instagram

by | 2 Jul 2019

Still perfecting your Instagram? These essentials will take your feed to the next level

As the shift to social media ramps up, the pressure to take the perfect snap for your Instagram feed can sometimes seem overwhelming. Alongside showcasing your clients’ hair, social media is vital for self-promotion, so we’ve rounded up the best tools in the trade to transform your content…

Ring Light

For spaces with minimal daylight, a ring light is a must-have tool for taking photos of colour transformations, filming a quick step-by-step video for IGTV or simply showcasing some new-in products. There are several options available across the market depending on your needs and space, but it’s best to purchase one that includes a smartphone holder. Alternatively, attachable ring lights for smartphones are available for on-the-go content creation.


To take your photography skills to the next level, a lightweight tripod can transform the quality of video content. When natural lighting is on your side, it’s as easy as setting up a backdrop, attaching the camera and then shooting! No matter the space, it’s best to choose a portable, compact option that can be stored away in between use.

Flat Lay Essentials

Got a new product you want to share? Rather than reaching straight for your camera, a few quick steps can give your photos a professional finish. A simple way to do this is by purchasing a selection of decorative self-adhesive vinyl film, which can be mounted to foam boards or surfaces to give a super-slick background. Similarly, even tissue paper can work as a great backdrop for flat lays.


To switch up a simple image, bringing props to the shot can add a level of interest, especially when photographing styling tools or must-have hair products. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your aesthetic and personality, so get creative with what you use. From house plants to trays and even jewellery, there’s many affordable options out there! If you’re in need of a little inspiration, turn to the beauty pages of fashion magazines to see how they style a shoot.

Backdrop and Selfie Wall

When snapping your finished creations, it’s important that the backdrop looks just as good as the hair itself! Whether you opt for plain colour or some personal branding, there’s a backdrop out there to suit your needs. For larger spaces, a backdrop stand with paper rolls offers an easy way to keep feed posts uniform and consistent, or you can even have proper selfie walls installed featuring things like paper flowers. If space is more limited, dedicating a wall to selfies can work just as well – all it takes is some fresh paint and new prints to create an on-trend backdrop.

5 Photo Apps to add to your arsenal

Over: Perfect for both Instagram stories and main feed post, this useful tool will help with adding graphics, making layouts and adding lots of visual interest to your work.

Snapseed: A must have for editing raw imagery at the touch of a button. Adjust everything from lighting to background blurring. Best of all – it’s totally free!

Unfold: Specifically for Instagram stories, this useful app is great for arranging groups of images into a layout and creating a unified aesthetic across your posts.

Facetune: The free alternative of Facetune is excellent for adjusting the lighting, contrast and other elements of images to ensure they are super sharp and ready for the feed.

ColorStory: If you’re looking to add a little vibrancy to imagery, this is the app for you. There’s the option to had several lighting filters, colour overlays and much more!

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