Trend tapping for 2020

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Self Employment, SELF/STYLED Inspo

With 2020 on the horizon, we’re turning our attention to the colour trends set to blow up next year. Tap into them now to stay ahead of the curve for your clients…

Tom Smith – Billi Currie

“I never thought I’d see the day where two tone (dark underneath and blonde on top) colour made a comeback, but who better to lead the way than the stunning Dua Lipa! We’ve seen texture colour from balayage and hair-painting increasing in contrast for the last few years, where colourists and clients alike are understanding the importance of ‘light and shade’ to give depth and movement to the hair. It’s not unreasonable to imagine this very high contrast colour placement is the natural progression of these trends, but I imagine this will filter into salons and on clients in a softer, more wearable way.

If you want to try this out, I’d recommend starting with two colours that aren’t too polarising, and use a strong sectioning pattern to achieve contrast. You could also keep a brighter tone but place it only around the front hairline rather than the entire top section – a more exaggerated version of how natural hair is generally lighter around the face. All trends are cyclical, and we may be seeing this one again whether we like it or not!”

Jorbanna Cobella – Cobella London 

“2020 is all about placement. Adding dimension has never been as popular as it is now – be it rich warm or cool tones, it’s all about creating the reflections of lightness and shadow to create dimension and the illusion of thickness. Soft accents of tones are going to stick around too as the latest colour products makes it easier than ever to create. Watch out for terracotta tones, pink blush beige and ginger beer tonal accents.”

Anne Veck – Anne Veck Salons

“In a move away from strong tones, colours will take on more of a subdued hue. We’ll see colours mirroring nature’s stand out moments such as the beauty of an ever-moving sunset; merging cantaloupe milky oranges, and smoky corals into a palette of deep maroon reds and mellow yellows.

On the other end of the spectrum, Neo Mint is set to be the directional colour in S/S 2020. The freshness of this tone welcomes in the new decade, and hair colour is getting on board with this optimism. Start the new season full of punchy confidence adding neon flashes into hair – especially around buns and hair up – it’ll be a fun way of bringing a youthful vibe into hairstyling.”

Neil Barton – Neil Barton Hair

“Coming into 2020 I definitely think muted pastel tones will become popular again. Think softer tones that fade beautifully like peaches, lilacs and dusky like pinks, perfect for the transition from winter to spring. I also think colour contrasting will be huge for 2020, the perfect style for clients looking to be a bit more experimental with their colour.

Vibrant shades will also remain popular, including bright berry hues like Cranberry that isn’t too dramatic but is a great twist on a dark red, and provides the hair with a gorgeous shine.”

Chris Williams – RUSH Hair

“Subtle, natural colours will be the big trend for Spring/Summer. With balayage blonde still being a favourite, the technique will transition slightly, with clients opting for the latest technique, “Twisted Balayage.” This new technique is a much softer take on the original, and is created using a freehand colour technique and technical placement.”

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