Fresh colour in a flash

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Colour and condition rarely go hand-in-hand, which is why the buzz around the new Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks has been impossible to ignore.

With a dose of colour and incredible hydration, the Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks have got the internet awash with vivid, pastel and natural creations.

We spoke to three of the Wella Professionals Passionistas who got a sneak peek at the latest launch, and learned about how they’ll be using the Masks to make the most of their business in their busiest periods.

Wella Professonals Color Fresh Mask Golden Gloss
Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask Caramel Glaze
Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask Red

Tom Badger

Tom Badger

Tom Badger Auburn Hair Model

“The fragrance is what caught me first, it’s so beautiful. Then noticing how easy it is to apply – the texture helps it to spread through the hair so evenly and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth.

“Rose Blaze is my favourite shade, because it’s perfect for this season. To me it gives a romantic winter hue – especially for my brunette clients.

“I’ll be using Color Fresh Masks to enhance my clients colour creatively, using them as a filtered effect. But also for clients  who currently don’t have any colour, or are unsure about trying a new look, they’re a great introduction.”


Katie Ottolangui

Katie Ottolangui redhead model
Katie Ottolangui

“I instantly loved the new Color Fresh Masks when I tried them for the first time. The consistency is creamy and they’re highly pigmented, so they give a great, punchy result. The colour is also really even with no patchiness.

“I’ve loved incorporating the Color Fresh Masks into my salon-based clients. I’ve loved using them as a pre-fill when going from light to dark, and when working with warmer balayage. They also work brilliantly as an add-in service for a haircut client, just to give them something extra. The client leaves the salon feeling extra glossy and refreshed.

“My favourite shade is Copper mixed with Golden Gloss. I recommend it to all my redheads to keep them topped up between visits.”


Nella Pastore

Nella Pastore Brunette Hair Model

“What I immediately loved was the packaging, and how simple the idea of the product is. It literally does what it says on the tube. I was so amazed from my first application with I used Caramel Glaze, I’m not sure how we coped before without them!

“Clients are loving them to purchase as the perfect stocking filler, it’s an ideal retail opportunity. I also have one of each open at the backwash because they’re perfect as intense conditioning masks, if you need to refresh the ends a little by adding gentle tone without using an actual colour. The hair feels like silk afterwards and the shine is incredible.”

Discover Wella Color Fresh Masks for yourself HERE.

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