Why Glazing is Great for Independents

The results will set your socials ablaze… but glazing can also give you a real business boost too. Want to know how? Let us tell you how, with a little input from colourists at the House of Glaze!

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Monetise the Instagram obsession with #shine

Scroll your feed and you’ll know the kind of hair that is winning all the likes right now – it’s super glossy, super shiny healthy-looking hair (it’s the continuation of glass hair and liquid hair trends). Because it’s a huge search term, you know that people are actively looking for looks like that… and with your own glazing menu, plenty of showcasing on social media and canny use of hashtags, you can pull those eyes onto your work.

“For a client that doesn’t have any colour on the hair but they just want more shine or the tone, I think glazing is great,” says Asha Lahel.  “Sometimes blondes can lose their shine. Using this glaze, it will just give them the shine back so they’ll want to stay blonde.”

“It’s beautiful. I just love the luminosity of it,” adds Suzanne Anderson.

 Tempt more non-colour clients to try colour

Colour clients are the money clients, we all know it. So if you can tempt more of your non-colour guests into a dabble with colour, you’re going to see your bills rise. The case against colour from these clients? That it could damage their hair, that they don’t want to make that kind of commitment because it’s too expensive. With Shinefinity from Wella Professionals, glazing gives them the chance to test drive a shade that promises zero damage and zero lift, meaning no roots that will need to be dealt with. It fades true to tone too.

Kat Duke with model at House of Glaze

“It’s great where you can introduce people to colour that maybe haven’t had colour before. It’s a great upselling option,” explains Kat Duke, who uses Wella Professionals when based at William Guy Hairdressing.

Offer bespoke, personal colour – and charge accordingly

Jayde Collins, who’s based at Hunter Collective, went freelance 18 months ago, and now concentrates on one-to-one services. “Everything’s about having the time for my clients and personalised services. As a hairdresser, my ethos has completely changed from where I was for 10 years,” she says. “It’s much more about listening. Consultations are the most important part of my service now, understanding what my client needs from me rather than just what they want from me. What’s going to work for their lifestyle? This colour offers a really personalised service.”

Offer speedy services, see more clients

Another post-lockdown trend? Obsession with time – the majority of clients do not want to be stuck in your chair for h-o-u-r-s. Glazing is amazing because it is fast – just 10 minutes for some services, 20 minutes for others. “It’s perfect for those fast services with lots of gain. “It’s not going to take up too much of your time, but you can still charge well for it and clients are going to leave happy with shiny hair,” says Daisy Goord, founder of Daisy Goord Salon.

“This will be good for me, timing wise,” adds Sofia Din, who has been freelance for four years. “The colouring service itself will probably save me a lot of time and money on products.” And if your service is quicker, you’ll be able to squeeze in some more clients in your day.

Increase client visits – especially blondes

It was a concerning trend before the pandemic, but lockdowns have accelerated it – the length between salon appointments is stretching. Lived-in colour trends only amplify that too. Glazing is a great way to get colour clients back in between the big colour services to keep their shades looking on point – it’s a great toner, it’s quick and it will freshen up the look they love.

Speaking of toning, you’ll know how vital that toner is to getting an Instagram worthy result on your blonde. It also gives them a chance to play with tones and shades subtly without any major transformations. Blondes are probably the biggest source of your income – glazing can make them even bigger. “I love the idea that I can turn my balayage client a little bit peachy and then perhaps make her a little bit cooler. That’s encouraging visits,” says Zoë Irwin, UK colour trend expert at Wella Professionals. “You can offer a gloss and a blow-out – your client has got something monthly then, it’s like a beauty treatment.” 

Abbie Grant with model at House of Glaze

Encourage some experimentation

Pinterest has identified rebellious hair as a serious trend for 2022, and with fewer people now working full time in an office, it means more clients have the freedom to do something a bit different. Glazing gives you a chance to test drive a bit of creative colour with your client – a smidge of rose, a soupçon of smoky lilac – that might mean a more adventurous experiment in the future.

“I do honestly think Shinefinity will make our life a lot easier when trying to formulate a colour,” says Abbie Grant, who’s based at TINT in Leeds. “It’s just less stressful. The actual development time is so easy to work with and it’s true to tone as it develops. Sometimes you see it turn purple and you panic! With Shinefinity, after 20 minutes, the colour I wanted was there. It was amazing.”

Services YOU can offer with Shinefinity
Speed Glaze: a quick and versatile service that’s perfect for in-between colour appointments, or to adjust or enhance blonde hair at the backwash in just 10 minutes
Glaze: use after a blonding service, standalone or on natural hair for super shine
Shimmer Melt Glaze: perfect to get that modern painted hair look. It creates a gradient and dimensional melting effect with a seamless blend.


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