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Colour for all occasions. Colour for all clients. Colour that cares for hair. This triple threat is why colourists across the world trust Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me+


Brunette hair coloured with Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me+

With so much incredible technology out there, it’s astounding how many brands have stuck to old-fashioned permanent colour formulas, utilising nearly identical molecules and active ingredients (such as PPD and PTD) as those devised in the 1800s. Sure, there were tweaks over the decades, but clients continue to develop potentially serious allergies to PPD and PTD – both known sensitisers.

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect ME+ took more than seven years to develop but it was worth the wait, emerging as one of the biggest game-changers in hair colour. The patented scientific breakthrough was the result of more than 3,000 test formulations, and opened colourists’ eyes. It removes the need to rely on antiquated formulas, meaning clients are a staggering 60-times less likely to develop an allergy to colour.*

ME+ and its partner innovation Pure Balance Technology, are exclusive to the Koleston Perfect line. In combination, they have more than 20 patents and are proven to deliver vibrant, rich colour with less damage, use after use.*

The secret behind Pure Balance Technology’s effectiveness is its ability to minimise the formation of cell-damaging free radicals. The result? Better balance of tone from root to tip, better control of depth and up to 100 per cent grey coverage.*

Let these Wella Professionals colourists share what they love about Koleston Perfect ME+ and be inspired…

Photo of Joanna Roe from KH Hair
Purple and pink hair coloured with Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me+

Joanne Roe


“Now more than ever I can absolutely guarantee I will achieve the results I desire using Koleston Perfect ME+. I love its versatility and that you can use it on anyone. It’s our ‘go to’ product in the salon as the choices and combinations are endless. Our salon is lucky to be able to stock the whole range and I am spoilt for choice! I particularly love the new Pure Natural shades. I am so excited to see what Wella Professionals creates next.”

Photo of Sophie B from Colour Me Sophie B
Brunette balayage bob coloured using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me+

Sophie B


“The sassy scientists at Wella HQ have brought us the most revolutionary and innovative permanent hair colour ever! Koleston Perfect ME+ is so rich and luxurious, it’s an absolute pleasure to use. My favourite shade is 88/02. It’s an absolute game-changer – so rich but so ultra-cool. I love using it as a root retouch on balayage. Koleston Perfect ME + is so much more than tubes of permanent colour… It is a colourist’s dream!”

Photo of Joe Clarke
Blonde balayage coloured by Joe Clarke using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me+

Joe Clarke


“I love the way Koleston Perfect ME+ mixes, it’s easier to apply than ever and the coverage is incredible. The new cooler Pure Natural shades are great, and I can always find something in the range to suit everyone’s skin tone. The range allows me to be truly creative and unafraid to mix. It’s great how Wella Professionals brings out new shades all the time – it’s so clever with shades, it’s always just what you want.”

Photo of Dean Vinning and Dean Robertson, owners of Sixth Sense Salon
Dusty pink bob coloured by Sixth Sense Salon using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me+

Dean Vinning & Dean Robertson


“We specialise in creative and corrective colour, so it’s important to us to have the very best product. When Wella released the Koleston Perfect ME+ range and we started testing clients and using the product, we were amazed with the product’s versatility. The Pure Balance Technology has the capability to give an even result on hair with multiple levels of porosity whilst maintaining excellent hair health.”

It’s only natural

There’s a shade for everyone with Koleston Perfect ME+, and Wella Professionals is constantly formulating new tones and shades to keep you in demand from trend-focused clients. The Pure Naturals range has expanded to give you even more choice for grey coverage. The new Resistant Cool Cover shades deliver 100 per cent coverage with intense cool tones for an anti-brass effect, which mix perfectly with the other Pure, Ultra and Resistant Cover tones. Choose from 88/02, 77/02, 66/02 and 55/02.

Discover how Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect ME+ can revolutionise your colour work.

Explore the potential for your colour business at education.wella.com

*Versus previous Koleston Perfect. Valid for Koleston Perfect with Pure Balance Technology. Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe.

Always perform an allergy alert test 48 hours before each colouration. Strictly follow safety instructions and consult wella.co.uk. If your client has ever experienced an allergic reaction to hair colourants, you should not colour. ME+ is present in specific shades of Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Special Blonde and Deep Browns of the Koleston Perfect brand.

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