Step by step using The Blow-Styling Round Tool by Tangle Teezer

No matter what hair type, texture or problem your client may have, this is the starting point of your blow-dry. Begin with this and adapt later, depending on your clients’ needs. It’s your first step to a fabulous blow-dry

Step 1: Towel drying
Gently towel dry the hair. Try blotting rather than rubbing the hair to minimise damage and tangling.

Step 2: Detangling
Detangle the hair using the Salon Elite detangling hairbrush. Start detangling at the ends of the hair first to avoid tugging. Work your way up to the root until all the hair is detangled and you can easily brush from roots to ends. When knots and tangles have been removed, brush through following the shape of the head in downward strokes or turn the hairbrush around and draw the hair outwards.

Step 3: Sectioning
Once detangled, section the hair into horseshoe sections. Start at the nape of the neck and create blow-drying sections that measure the width of The Blow-Styling Round Tool tip-to-tip.

Step 4: Picking up hair at the roots
Place The Blow-Styling Round Tool at the root and pick up the section of hair, distributing it evenly through the tool.

Step 5: Drying the roots to mid-lengths
Hold the hairdryer at a safe distance from the hair (approx. 2 inches away) and continuously follow the hair as it is drawn through the teeth of The Blow-Styling Round Tool. Repeat until the roots and mid-lengths are completely dry.

Founder Shaun’s Top Tips

“There’s no need to blast the hair at full heat and speed. Your blow-dry will be much smoother, sleeker and kinder to the hair if you lower the speed and the heat”

Step 6: Drying the ends of the hair
When drying the ends of the hair, rotate The Blow-Styling Round Tool in a corkscrew motion and change the direction of the hairdryer to create a bouncy curl. Do not completely wrap or roll the hair around the tool – a simple rotation is all you need.

Founder Shaun’s Top Tips

“If the ends of the hair have dried by the time you get to this stage, give them a spray. By rewetting the ends, you’ll get a better finish to your blow-dry. You can’t force dry ends into good shape”

Step 7: Volumising the crown
For voluminous hair with a strong, bouncy arch, pick the hair up at the crown at a 90° angle and continue drying straight up.

The finished look:
The blow-dry using The Blow-Styling Round Tool has achieved big, bouncy and voluminous hair with plenty of movement and lift.