Step inside the House of Glaze

In partnership with Wella Professionals

Four Glazers… 15 guest colourists… One exciting new innovation…
You’re invited to the House of Glaze!

If we scroll your clients’ Instagram feeds, will we be blinded by the light? Chances are high – what so many guests want right now is that mega-watt and marvellous mane that screams ‘Grab your sunglasses honey, I am FIRE!”. It looks healthy, it looks nourished, it looks shiny and shimmery and it’s filling up ALL of the Pinterest boards. Long gone are the days of locks just looking good under a ring light. Nope, today clients want strands that shine all the freaking time, and the pressure is on for YOU to deliver them. How are you going to snag those hashtag searchers into your chair? And keep them coming back for more? 

The answer is inside the House of Glaze – five floors of glowing goodness at Electric Space in London. Carefully curated to deliver a home-away-from-home (or salon… or studio…) of perfectly polished inspiration, tools and techniques to help you give out the gleam to every client who’s craving it. But inside the House of Glaze were some very special secret ingredients…

We asked four Instagram influential colourists – our Glazers – to sparkle up a storm with a brand new colour innovation, Shinefinity, from Wella Professionals. Getting their glaze on were Jordanna Cobella, Wella Professionals craft expert; James Earnshaw, Wella Professionals digital ambassador; Daisy Goord, Wella Professionals craft expert and Zoë Irwin, UK colour trends expert for Wella Professionals. Each brought a look that was chic, sleek and unique, showcasing the blinding brilliance a little Shinefinity can bring to the table. 


But that was just half the story. As well as our Glazing squad, we scrolled through our social feeds to find 15 artists who are killing it with creative colour, bosses of blonde balayage or on fire with the most flawless blends. It was TOUGH! But we got there, and our hand-picked gang were invited to join us and make our extra-special House of Glaze a home of luminosity and business boosting ideas. Bringing along their own models, these artists could walk into the House of Glaze knowing that it was play time, the chance to experiment with technique, tone and transformation… while being amongst the first in the UK to trial Shinefinity.

And that’s huge news, because it is the biggest colour innovation from Wella Professionals in a decade. Yup, but Shinefinity has been worth the wait. We’re talking zero lift! Zero damage! And a quick 20 minute development time – what a clever demi! And this glaze will amaze so many of your clients – the colour-shy, the experimenters, the blondes-who-want-brilliance-between-balayages… You’ll get six weeks of glaze* that’s true to tone, a dream for colourists.

So, let’s get to the action. Our fabulous 15 were divided into teams – cool, warm, natural and creative, each one led by one of the Glazers. Gloves snapped on and brush in hand, the future looked bright. Come on inside the House of Glaze and make yourself at home…

STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Lily Craigen, assisted by Richie Barker
HAIR: Jordanna Cobella, James Earnshaw, Daisy Goord and Zoë Irwin, using Shinefinity By Wella Professionals, assisted by Suzanne Alphonse, Lorna Bell, Abby Kadir and Nicola Emberson at Wella Professionals
MAKE-UP: Tricia Woolston using Urban Decay and Fenty Beauty, assisted by Jayne Ionica and Margherita Fabbro
FASHION: Issie Gibbons at Stella Creative Artists, assisted by Matilda Oliver
MODELS: Maddie, Maya and Nathalie at The Hair Desk; Lottie Kemp; Renell at Body London
PRODUCTION: The Creative Partnerships Team at Creative HEAD
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Wella Professionals
SHOT AT: Electric Space
STAGING: Sync Studio
REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Harvey Williams-Fairley

See what our Glazing squad created with new Shinefinity > 

*Provided hair is washed three times a week

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