Straight and pearly by Casey Coleman for Cloud Nine

In a festive celebration of style, Casey Coleman embraces his inner experimentalist to create looks for Creative HEAD’s Christmas cover shoot with Cloud Nine. Here, he explains how to make a statement on a classic flat-ironed style

Finished look

Spray self-adhesive half-pearls (in various sizes) with a rose gold/copper spray and leave to dry.

Step 1

Prep the hair by running a smoothing cream throughout it, then apply Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion, thoroughly spraying small sections to ensure hair is fully soaked. Comb then section hair, ready to blow-dry.

Step 2

Blow-dry hair section by section using The Airshot and a paddle brush for a smooth finish. To create sleekness and shine, blast a shot of cool hair onto each section as you finish.

Step 3

Taking small diagonal sections of hair (this helps reduce clamp marks), lightly spray with the Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion then use the Original Iron to straighten.

Step 4

To complete the look, apply the half-pearls – starting along the parting with the larger sizes, then adding smaller and fewer pearls further down the hair length. Finish this super-cool look by applying KMS humidity spray – it gives a soft glaze of shine.

Tool Kit
Cloud Nine Gift Of Gold Original Iron
Cloud Nine Airshot
Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion
Cloud Nine Paddle Brush
Cloud Nine Clips
Lernberger Stafsing Hairspray Soft Hold
Lernberger Stafsing Styling Cream
KMS Humidity Spray
YSPark Comb
Adhesive half pearls
Flat clips

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