Soul work to strengthen your salon mindset with Caroline Sanderson

Most Wanted Legend, Caroline Sanderson, shares her tips on how to harness your ‘inner world’

Caroline Sanderson with Most Wanted award for Business Thinker Legend

When outside influences start to negatively affect your everyday, how do you focus on the positive side of life? Most Wanted Business Thinker Legend, Caroline Sanderson, has shared her top tips for mastering your mindset and your emotions.

Caroline’s Top Tips…

“It’s time for all of us to work on our inner worlds, now more than ever before, to give us the strength to face these external challenges. I believe that no matter what is going on in the outside world, if you’re really strong on the inside then everything will work out. The most important thing is not to live in fear of what’s happening in the outside world.”

“We didn’t choose the Covid-19 pandemic, but we can certainly choose how to approach it. The way to live in love rather than in fear is to have certainty in your inner world. You can get certainty in your inner world by mastering your mindset and emotions, using the MAGIC tools (Meditation, Affirmations, Gratitude, Innercise and Create.) When you do this, you’ll see little miracles starting to show up for your business and in your life.”


“As an example, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and salons were forced to close, I focused on my internal world. I used my affirmations and the other tools I’m about to share with you and I told myself, “I always attract a constant flow of more money. I always grow my business during times like this. I always do better and get amazing results during challenging times.” I internalised these affirmations continually and focused on strengthening my inner world.”

“Take a moment to write down all the things that are upsetting your environment right now, as well as what is causing
you stress. Make a list of all of them in a journal. Now make a list of all the things that make you laugh, that bring you pleasure and that make you feel amazing. Look at those two lists. Start to think about how you can do more of what’s on your second list rather than what’s on your first list.”

“When you look at the items on your first list that cause you stress, ask yourself why you still do them and whether there are any you can remove or reduce. Look back at the list you made of the things that stress you out. How can you flip even one of those so that you’re not having to do it any more? Can you outsource something? Could you do it in a more strategic way? Or could you avoid doing it at all? Changing your perspective is the first step towards changing your mindset.”

“This is where the first of our MAGIC tools comes in: Meditation. It is a truly foundational tool when it comes to changing your perspective, changing your mindset and tapping into the Uniconscious that connects us all, as well as creating a calm inner environment.”

Most Wanted Business Thinker Legend Caroline Sanderson is owner of Ego Hair Design in Inverness, the Salon Jedi Academy and author of two books, The Salon Jedi: The Big Business Breakthrough For Ambitious Salon Owners and Mindset, Magic & Miracles: Universal Laws to Master Your Mindset & Emotional Intelligence for Success in Life & Business.



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