Stuck in lockdown, the Wella Passionistas team set themselves a content challenge for Wella’s social media channels, armed with a dolly head. Craig Parkinson and Sarah Mason share their results


I’ve recently joined the Wella Passionista family and we were asked to create some content to possibly be featured on the Wella social channels during the lockdown. I was given total free reign of the content I wanted to create!

I decided I’d dedicate two hours every morning to creating new content. This included creative tutorials aimed at other stylists and at home styling tips for clients to try. These had a really positive response and I asked for those who tried the styles to tag me in their results so I could also share on my page. As this progressed I found new styling techniques I could try on YouTube and Instagram. I love styling hair, so the more I did, the more ideas seemed to come to mind. I also used the free time to research online styling competitions I could enter with the work to keep myself motivated.

I chose to do this as a challenge for myself and to interact with the online community. It’s the first time I’ve done full tutorial recordings; I have a speech impediment, so this was a personal challenge I wanted to face and it has giving me the confidence to pursue further recordings. The creative styling and braiding is something I really love so I wanted to do it to stay motivated and learn some new skills.

The response from the people joining in on the Wella social channels was great motivation as it felt like I was doing it for a purpose and they were gaining something from watching. As things progressed I looked for inspiration from my favourite people to follow including Another Braid and Viv at Hunter and Walsh. I get styling inspiration from many places and the more I did, it seemed to spur on more ideas as I practiced.

Doing this has meant I’ve been involved with some incredible networking opportunities and I’ve a lot of new techniques I can utilise in future once we can see clients and models again!


I love a challenge! I was asked to do one of my beautiful bridal looks so I chose to do a creative chignon.

While working with a mannequin, you can create step by steps on the styling and finishing, helping you share your expertise and making it very simple for others to follow.

Upstyling is an area where you can manipulate the hair into your own ideas and it’s a super way to learn how different products behave with hair too.

Believe it or not I’ve been putting hair up since I was six years old and it’s always my first go to when I feel like playing with shape.

For anyone who is in the early stages hairdressing, it’s a great craft to learn as you have completed freedom when it comes to any form of styling from editorial to bridal to red carpet hair.