Super-strong blondes

When it comes to hair colour services, blondes hold the power. Now you can serve and protect your clients with Blonderful from Revlon Professional. It’s a new era of healthy, shiny blondes…

Did you know that 43 per cent of women who change their natural hair colour choose to go blonde? This means that you need to be able to provide your blonde clients with simply the best hair colour services around.

Blonderful by Revlon Professional is what you need. Created with the patent-pending technology, PLEXFORCE, the purest, healthiest blondes are now just one step away.

Every product in the Blonderful range has PLEXFORCE inside to help maintain the hair’s structural bonds, reducing breakage and leaving the hair not just looking healthy on the outside but remaining healthy on the inside.

Five reasons why you need to be a Blonderful salon:

  1. EXCLUSIVITY. Only available to professionals, the Blonderful range gives you creative freedom, while caring for your clients’ hair, helping you to build a loyal clientele who love their blondes.
  2. PROFITABILITY. The lightening powders are available in an exclusive 750g format, because more product = more services = more profit.
  3. CONFIDENCE. The addition of PLEXFORCE means that you can carry out your colour service, achieving the look you want for your client in the comfort of knowing the technology in the products is looking after the hair from the inside.
  4. BUSINESS. Increase profits with the option of a higher priced, premium service on your price list.
  5. RETAIL. The Bond Maintainer, which keeps hair healthy and strong between salon visits, presents a new retail opportunity.

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