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Colour waste is a financial black hole for salons – as are missed services. Vish’s stellar software tackles both, helping salons get the profits they priced for… and more! 

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They say you can’t rush art – and colour is one of the salon’s greatest art forms. Stylists armed with brushes are the artists, and clients are their canvas. But art can come with a hefty price tag.

Stocking colour is expensive, and stylists can waste both product and money by failing to accurately measure colour amounts per service. With salons pouring away some 40 per cent of the colour they’ve paid for, it’s time to get colour waste under control – and get salons the profits they deserve.  


Don’t let colour run 

What are salon owners doing about colour waste? Some may hope their stylists will mix the right amount next time but smarter ones use Vish, the innovative colour management software that dials down on waste, stems lost costs and raises salon revenue. If your colour costs are starting to run, let Vish’s smart technology do the heavy lifting. It tells salons how much colour stylists are using and what is wasted per session. The formula is then recalibrated, so the stylist uses the correct amount next time, helping salons become more sustainable as well as saving money. 

Sounds a bit technical? The Vish app is anything but. Built in a user-friendly format, it features a teardrop that fills as colour is added to the bowl – ideal for technophobes and visual learners. 

Just the bill… thanks 

Colour waste isn’t the only thing affecting salon profits. Missed services, such as forgetting to add a toner or conditioning treatment to a client bill, also leave salon owners out of pocket and stressing over margins. But if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves. Vish found that recording all missed salon services boosts revenue by 15 per cent. Luckily, Vish adds all services automatically to its front desk app, so there’s no headache tracing them. Vish is all about helping salons price their offerings correctly – if a service needs an additional bowl of colour, Vish captures this. Without Vish it often fails to make the bill, leaving salons down on stock and profits. 

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Stylist using Vish

A day in the salon can feel like a whirlwind with stylists jumping from client to client. Salons should always be busy, but profits should never suffer. Vish is more than a measuring scale; it takes the pressure off stylists, letting them create their art without worrying about the bill or wasting colour, so salons can run a tighter control on stock and deliver even better customer service.  

Beyond stopping colour waste and tracking bills, Vish’s whip-smart software ensures salons charge the right price for the work delivered, generating profits that are yours, by right.  

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