‘Petrified’ by Ayoze Medina

Putting masculine hair front and centre

‘Club Shapes’ by Darcie Harvey

A copper colour flash and progressive, Sassoon-inspired looks

‘Heaven’ by Ivan Rodríguez

Organic shapes and fresh flashes of colour

‘My Ever Changing Moods’ by Manifesto

A succinct snapshot of modern men’s grooming

‘Era’ by Francesco Group Stafford Academy

Showcasing commercial looks with editorial flair

‘Up a Gum Tree’ by GINGER|LEMON

Elevating subcultural references with an editorial gloss

‘Wild Childs’ by Bons Men’s Hair

Combining androgynous looks with fresh trends

‘Narcissa’ by Shannon Bunn

This polarity of self explored through bold colour blocking

‘Something in the Way’ by the Laundry Art Team

Modern colours and styles with a ’90s grunge edge

‘Stellarado’ by Stevie English

Out of this world colour, out of this world women

‘Outside the Lines’ by Helen Kenny

Sharp partings and fizzes of texture

‘Adore You’ by Bad Apple Art Team

Colour, texture, ATTITUDE

‘Freak Out’ by Pierre Ginsburg

A welcome dose of dancefloor decadence

‘Spectrum’ by Alazne Montero

A game of contrasts between vibrancy and creeping darkness

‘Fascination’ by Mary Geoghegan

Y2K styling collides with 2021 finishes

‘Clique’ by Ciaran Dowd

Finger-waves and playful hues recall ’90s urban youth