‘Eclectic Chic’ by Darren Ambrose

Creative sophisticates let loose

‘Donna’ by María Montes

A tribute to the fine line that separates art and hairdressing

Life in Colour

Bright colour combinations are explored with more intricate, precise cuts

‘Glow Your Own Way’ by Headmasters

Fresh cuts and natural textures with an autumnal glow

‘On balance’ by Joe Mills and Jody Taylor

These gender-fluid looks place authenticity above environment

‘CHAINED’ by Alex Azurmendi

Exploring the link between image and attitude in urban baroque

‘Self-Titled’ by fry + dean

Meet fry + dean

‘Minimal’ by Pierre Ginsburg

Soft cuts, subtle lines and a spectrum of blonde

‘Freedom and Form’ by Natalie Cole at Charlie Miller

A fusion of commercial and couture styling to enhance individuality, style and colour

‘Ginger’ by Paco López

All red everything

‘Faux-vism’ by Nashwhite

Celebrating strong colour combined with faux textures

‘NE-GO’ by Ulises Peluqueros

Vivid colours inspired by the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park

‘Virtue’ by CULt

Waif like haircuts with unique textures and shapes that are as intriguing as they are virtuous

Ibiza Moments from The Projects

A celebration of nostalgic moments for the salon’s first anniversary

‘Heroes’ by evo fab pro

Iconic figures with intense flashes of colour

‘De Stijl’ by Mayte Garrote

Architectural shapes and primary slices of colour