‘Pixie Dust’ by Mélanie Machado

A glittering mashup of ’80s power glamour and festival chic.

‘Les Favorites’ by Laurent Voisinet

Embark on a painterly avant-garde adventure

‘Unveiled’ by Aili Puss

Feminine strength and fragility embraced in equal measure

‘Faceta’ by Salones Carlos Valiente

Lively colour and carefully considered shapes

‘Berlin’ by Marco PM

Channelling street art and ’80s rebellion

‘Mullet’ by Christian Ríos

Glam rock collides with distinctive disconnected layers

‘Be Blue’ by Ivan Rodriguez

Expressing the chromatic and symbolic nuances of the sea

‘Tainted Quartz’ by Hare & Bone

Smoky crystalline shades with a nod to ’80s pop culture

‘AEON’ by Shy + Flo

Colourful, edgy exuberation

‘Shifting shapes’ by Bert de Zeeuw

Oversized is BACK!

‘Only in my dreams’ by Kollektivet Kai

A fashion and beauty story that invites you through the looking glass

‘Shape up’ by Natalia Maxwell

Transferring Vivienne Westwood vibes onto hair

‘Alt-Skin’ by Dale Ted Watkins

A fusion of classic British street culture and gender fluidity

‘Unicus’ by STIL

A soft fusion of different finishes

‘UNgenderED’ by the Schwarzkopf YAT members

Confidence, freedom and an undeniable fashion feel

‘Paris 1982’ by Jesús de Paula

Exploring the aftermath of a burlesque show in the City of Love