‘Mortal’ by Ella&Jade

Amethyst shades bleed into a variety of shapes and textures

‘La Galerie de Cheveux’ by Daisy Musona

You are a queen and your wig is your crown

‘YOU’ by Charles Worthington

A celebration of nuanced, personalised colour

‘The Dolls’ by Callum Standen-May

Soft, textured cuts paired with undone styling

‘Velours’ by Virginia Martinez

Colours and textures inspired by the richness of velvet

‘Neo Futurism’ by Hugh Campbell Hair Group

Pierre Cardin-esque shapes combined with bi-level graduation

‘Modern Ethereal’ by Bloggs Salons

A consumer-friendly collection that is fuss-free and utterly wearable

‘Lust for Life’ by Darren Webster

A playful mix of length, texture and technique

‘Atomic’ by Alfonso Martínez for Hairkrone

Celebrating the turn of the ’90s through the eyes of Gen X

‘Fearless Beauty’ by Mark Van Westerop

Rich berry hues and untamed structure

‘Ekaterina’ by Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

Power and luxury expressed through avant-garde extravagance

‘Human NATURE’ by Emmanuel Esteban

Merging organic shapes with the structure of classic hairstyles

‘Trenesis Magical’ by Carol Bruguera

Discover dainty half-updos using sailing knots and macrame techniques

‘Epoca’ by Gianluca Grechi

A celebration of artisan minimalism

Behind the scenes with Richard Phillipart at Salon Smart Live

Richard revisits a terrific trio from his back catalogue

‘ENIGMA’ by Frazer Wallace

Ice cream shades with an acid kick