L’Oréal legend to retire

Arthur Ehoff to say au revoir

SELF/STYLED Sunday: bursting with positivity

It’s time to think positively and plan!

Colour versatility with SELF/STYLED Sunday Masterclasses

Encourage your clients to think outside the box!

SELF/STYLED Sunday – taking care of YOU

Hit refresh on your freelance business and join us

There’s something in the water…

What could be lurking that’s damaging hair?

Metal Detox: your secret weapon

Seeing is not always believing

Only in the hands of the professionals

What do the industry pros make of Metal Detox?

(Metal) Detox your menu

It’s as simple as one, two, three

Keep talking – how Metal Detox can boost business

Time to seize the spray

On air: Run Le Hair Show

Tune in for an artistic extravaganza!

Business Builder – Balayage Blueprint

You’ll never look at balayage the same way again

Capitalising on the balayage boom

Discover French Balayage from L’Oreal Professionnel Paris

Transform this two-step technique into a bespoke balayage journey

Discover how an elevated balayage look can drive rebooking

Achieving personalised colour perfection

Showcase your skills to let clients know balayage can be for them

Give your balayage skills a glow-up

Develop your balayage skills further with L’Oréal Access

The Balayage Blueprint

Expand your colour knowledge with Balayage Blueprint