Take (back) Your Time

Your customers and their needs are constantly evolving,
shouldn’t your salon as well?

With daily tasks in the salon demanding more attention than ever before, time management during working hours has become a vital tool for salon owners nationwide. To ensure each day runs smoothly, streamlining daily tasks has become incredibly important, but it’s important to do this the right way. From booking mix-ups and forgotten appointment reminders, to miscalculated sales reports and staff commissions, before you know it a day can soon be wasted correcting any previous errors.

To help take the stress out of salon management, hair salon software like Versum, can offer a great solution for salon owners looking to claim back their vital time. With tools to help salons stay in touch with customers, Versum allows owners to send:

  • SMS/email appointment reminders
  • Automatic birthday wishes
  • Review requests
  • Scheduled newsletters

But that’s not all – Versum also has a built-in marketing automation module to encourage clients to book more treatments, as well as thanking them for their visits and helping to bring back lost customers. Imagine having to accomplish all of that with just a paper notebook!

So, customer communication is covered but what about reporting, staff management, data security and bookings?

To tackle more monotonous tasks, Versum also assists with generating sales, inventory, commissions and tipping reports; all at just the click of a button. As for staff management and data security, you can limit employee access to more sensitive parts of the system, as well as have insight into each members’ sales, bookings and login history.

Time spent on booking management is also cut in half, as Versum provides a clear booking calendar, as well as a built-in online booking page to take appointments after hours or when the phone is busy. Managing and running your salon successfully can seem like a never ending task, especially if you’re doing it all by hand. Instead, try a different approach – your customers and their needs are constantly evolving, shouldn’t your salon as well?

To find out more about Versum, head to their website for more information

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