Tánaiste seeks your views on living wage roll out

by | 29 Jun 2022

Living wage will be 60 per cent of the median in any given year. This is how to have your say on the matter

The government has announced plans to replace the current minimum wage of €10.50 per hour with a new ‘living wage’ which will be phased in over four years starting next year. The living wage will be set at 60 per cent of the median wage in any given year which, in 2022, would be €12.17 an hour. The ambitious objective of these changes is achieving full employment for all eligible adults in future. 

Unlike the minimum wage, the concept of a living wage is an hourly wage rate that should enable employees to afford an agreed socially acceptable minimum standard of living.

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadker has acknowledged that many people earning the minimum wage in Ireland were not the main income earners in their households, such as students, and that Government had to be mindful not to price them out of the employment market. 

“It’s really important we get the balance right and I think this proposal achieves that, however I will be listening over the coming weeks for feedback before bringing a final plan to Government later this year,” said Varadkar.

“The most important workers’ right is their right to work, to have a job. That is why I am proposing we phase this in, and I will be listening to employers’ views on these draft proposals,” he added. 

The purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on these Low Pay Commission recommendations, on how best Ireland can phase in a living wage, which are now being considered by the minister. Submissions should be emailed to livingwage@enterprise.gov.ie.

The closing date is close of business, Wednesday 27 July 2022.

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