The Alchemist #2 – Casey Coleman

Why all my clients will want Cloud Nine this Christmas

“This will be our first Christmas at CHAIR, and Cloud Nine’s Alchemy collection gives me the perfect excuse to decorate the salon in a rose-gold theme – it will look absolutely fantastic!”

“Everything sells better at Christmas, and I have no doubt the Alchemy gift sets will sell like hot cakes. Everyone wants a bit of luxury, but at an affordable price, and with this epic packaging and fabulous tools, Cloud Nine delivers what people are looking for.”

“But retail is important at any time of the year. What better way to complete your in-salon service than by offering your clients the tools she’ll need to keep her hair looking great? It’s like taking a little bit of the salon home with you…”

For more information on Cloud Nine’s Alchemy collection or how to become a Cloud Nine stockist, call 0845 20003563 or visit

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