The anatomy of a great TVA look


This year, Wella Professionals have made it easier than ever to take part in the prestigious TrendVision Award by opening up entry via Instagram

Full details of the TVA2020 contest – including more exciting changes to the format can be found here –  but we’ve also put together a quick guide outlining how to pick the perfect image that’ll help you outshine the competition…


  • Your looks HAS to have been created in the last 12 months (so don’t go delving too far into your greatest hair hits)
  • Your Instagram account needs to be PUBLIC for your entry to count
  • You must upload BEFORE and AFTER images in your post to show your transformation (a single polished, post-colour-and-styling photo won’t cut it)
  • You DON’T need to use Wella Professionals products in your photographic entry


From top to toe, we’ve highlighted the key elements that all stand-out entries will have in common.

Select your shot wisely, using our breakdown of a great TVA look for reference:


It seems obvious, but remember it's all about the hair! Your 'after' photo should be fashion-led and current, but judges are looking for great hair colouring and/or styling ability, so keep background distraction and design flourishes to a minimum to ensure the model's look remains front and centre.


Just because the hair in your image is on-point, doesn't mean you can neglect the rest of the styling. As well as the actual outfit your model is wearing, make sure the whole finished look (including make-up, angles and framing) suits him or her and is well thought out.


From top to bottom, you should be aiming for a high standard of finishing. Your work is going to be scrutinised by some of the most respected names in the industry, so make sure your chosen shot demonstrates your very best efforts. An extra blast of shine spray, a quick trim to keep lines razor sharp – either could make the difference between progressing to the next round and your TVA journey ending before it's had a proper chance to begin. The devil is in the details...


Be confident in your work and choose an image that represents all your personal strengths. If you live for balayage, don't feel you have to produce a super-bold vivids look to enter the running. An impressive transformation that shows technical skill and creative judgement is key, whether the end result is a flawless fashion colour or an 'I-can't-believe-that's-not-natural' multi-tonal masterpiece.

2020 Vision

Make sure the transformation in your before and after images is super-clear, and that both shots are in focus, well-lit, cleanly cropped and free from distracting face filters (no puppy ears please). Show off your work to your best abilities – #nofilter.

Wella TrendVision 2020 is now open for entry until April 9.

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