The Backwards Bob

How do you refresh one of the most iconic hairstyles ever? Most Wanted Session Stylist Syd Hayes inverted the classic bob at Matty Bovan A/W19 – let’s see how he did it…

The bob is open to countless reinterpretations, which is why it’s such a timeless favourite. We’ve had the lob, the blunt bob, the gradual bob – and at London Fashion Week A/W19, it was time for the Backwards Bob. At the Matty Bovan show, an army of models took to the runway in matching reverse bobs, created by Most Wanted Session Stylist Syd Hayes,

Before the show, Syd and his team spent more than eight hours cutting wigs using the new black BaByliss PRO Super Motor Clipper without the guard. “A regular bob shape always goes from the nape of the neck and is very classic and straight, so we took the angle the other way,” explained Syd. “We cut off the corner from the front and worked it back, then created an undercut, leaving the top long which gave a cool wedge-like feel. We cut the fringes with the Clipper to create a strong line which we then changed the shape by blow-drying in high shine spray and product, giving a more chunky feel.”

To add detail, the BaByliss PRO Super Motor Trimmer was used around the edges, and plenty of hair oil allowed the hair to sparkle on the runway. “Shine is key!” said Syd. “We used hair oil gloss to make the haircut shine and look powerful against the red lip, which really made the overall beauty look pop!”

This topsy-turvy look was perfectly matched to Matty’s collection which was inspired by witchcraft and a letter sent to his dead grandmother. With rich fabrics, multi-layered tailoring and a backwards bob, all is not as it seems…