The Creative Collaborators: Part One – Le Fil

by | May 20, 2021 | Inspiration, Podcast

Meet Le Fil – multidisciplinary pop singer-songwriter, sculpture artist and performer for LGBTQ+ collective Sink The Pink  

The Creative Collaborators Le Fil

The Creative Collaborators Le Fil


Born and raised in Huddersfield, Le Fil was determined from the get-go that he was to join the magical world of art and performance. From his decision to study art of music at school (so that he’d be allowed to partake in singing lessons) to working in various musical theatre positions whenever he had the chance, Le Fil has always been dedicated to his vocation. After making the move to London in order to study ceramic arts at Camberwell College of Arts, Le Fil’s creativity flourished – and he discovered that he could fuse together his many artistic disciplines to create highly personal work exploring new ways of seeing and representing gender, sexuality and identity. This refreshing way of working has manifested itself in various forms, which he has named ‘Pop Sculpture’ – from his jaw-dropping live performance art to eye-catching body-sculpture, Le Fil has managed to find an incredibly successful niche. Now, between performing on club dancefloors and touring the world stages with Spice Girl Melanie C as part of the LGBTQ+ collective, Sink The Pink, Le Fil also creates his own feel-good pop music! 

The Creative Collaborators Le Fil

  • British-Chinese multidisciplinary pop singer-songwriter
  • Pursued musical theatre after school but found he wanted to define his own roles
  • Moved to London to study ceramic art at Camberwell College of Art
  • Creating soundscapes to accompany his performance art led to a desire to create pop music himself
  • Focused on bringing queer perspectives to the mainstream media 
  • Performs as part of the LGBTQ+ collective Sink The Pink  
  • Has collaborated and worked with global brands such as Agent Provocateur, Gareth Pugh and Toyoto
  • Toured worldwide stages as part of Spice Girl Melanie C’s performing tribe 
  • Creator of feel-good pop music using velvety vocals to create a sensory kaleidoscope of sound with bold songs  
  • Most recent released singles include Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Undercover Lover and Boyo  

Hear Le Fil’s conversation with Nathan Phoenix, session-stylist, wig-creator and re’create hair studio owner, as they reminisce on their career journeys and collaborations to-date in The Creative Collaborators podcast. 



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