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Based at Toni&Guy Salisbury, Annabel Payne was crowned the 2020 It List Rising Star for her drive and her passion for editorial work

“It’s such a cool concept that Syd has created. I’ve never even worked on location before, it’s always been in studio or Fashion Week jobs – it’s never been outside. It feels really liveable, like we’re bring out their personalities. You feel like you’re creating something for the models that they will still love wearing when they go home.”Annabel

“During lockdown,  I bought a pair of £40 skates on Ebay and I started. I loved it, so I bought some better ones and went from there. I like listening to music when I skate. I listen to anything and everything…I like listening to a lot of hip-hop and low-fi beats to get me in the mood. ” Robyn, roller skates

With Robyn’s look, Annabel began by cutting a shorter, more textured fringe “to open up her face more and give her an edgier look,” Annabel explains. She took the length shorter using the BaByliss PRO Super Motor Trimmer, then added texture to the fringe by using various cutting techniques, such as point cutting and channel cutting. To finish off the look, the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener was used, as well as the new BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush through the lengths and ends. 

“Looking forward, you need to look at the new people coming through in the industry. They’re really passionate, and it makes me that little bit more passionate and inspired.” Paula McCash, session stylist, #SydSquad

“Skating on my board makes me feel excited, liberated and I get to be with my friends. I quit skating for a really long time because I was the only girl, so I’ve just made my ‘comeback.’ Lots more girls are doing it now, so I feel a lot more comfortable. It’s nice to feel empowered and strong, and that I can do anything that a boy can do.Rose, skateboard



“I love braids, and making really tight, neat braids. The satisfaction of seeing when you create them bang on…Being able to create them when you’re on shoots, like today, is really fun.” Annabel

For Rose, much of the style focused on enhancing her natural texture with the addition of braids. Annabel began by creating a low side parting, then splitting it in two equal sections. She used a scalp braiding technique to create two neat braids on one side of the head. “The rest of the hair was left down with its natural texture to create a faux undercut,” said Annabel. Finally, the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Waving Wand was used to “enhance her natural texture” by taking large sections and adding a louse, tousled wave through the lengths and ends.


“When I skate, it’s always headphones in. I mostly listen to Eminem, but sometimes heavy metal or Green Day. I need a song that will hype me up – my ultimate hype song would be Broken Dreams by Green Day. ” Karan, skateboard


After Ex had clippered everything below the horseshoe for Karan’s look, Annabel and Georgia split the raking hair into six equal rectangular sections.”We used a scalp bradding technique to braid each section horizontally from the centre parting,” Annabel explains. ” Together, they created braids that sat flat to the head with clean ends all the way to the bottom of Karan’s hair. 

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