The difference is… EXPERTISE

Jamie and Sally Brooks, Brooks & Brooks

How long have you had your salon business?
We have had the salon now for 17 years

What about your business makes you most proud?
The amount of youngsters we have brought into the industry, the team and basically still being in business and loving what we do! We are also really proud of the amount of awards we have won and the contribution we like to think we’ve made to British hairdressing.

Why should clients come to the salon to get their hair done, rather than do it at home?
There are some really good home hair kits, but it’s not just about the product in your hands – it’s the way in which you use it. The understanding of what a product will do is why hairdressers are highly trained. We don’t just think of that one time you do your hair, but how you maintain it, how it grows out and the condition of the hair throughout. And obviously, we mix bespoke professional quality formulas to ensure we create the results a client wants.

We are hairdressers. We are L’Oréal Pro.

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Most Wanted Awards

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