The difference is… PASSION

Skyler MacDonald, Skyler London

How long have you been a hairdresser?
Almost 20 years – I can’t believe that!

How long have you been a salon owner?
In total about 10 years.

Why are you proud to be a hairdresser?
I am honestly very proud to be a hairdresser – I always write ‘hairdresser’ as my occupation! I am often asked what a perfect working day is and I always say that it’s working with my guests in the salon and working with my team. My team makes me so proud every day. I am honestly blessed.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a salon owner?
Getting young people to choose hairdressing as a career. There are so many obstacles to overcome just to get young people exposed to how wonderful this industry is. We also face many challenges in helping young hairdressers become successful and getting them to stay in the industry. We can work towards this by getting involved with schools – I think constant communication with a younger audience is essential.

We are hairdressers. We are L’Oréal Pro.