The final hurdle – Wella Professionals release the digital brief for TVA2020 finalists

Wella TrendVision 2020
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the first time in the competition’s history, Wella Professionals will be holding an all-digital final for the UK & Ireland TrendVision Award 2020. And yesterday, the final task that stands between competitors and a UK & Ireland Gold, Silver or Bronze title was unveiled.

Composed of six submission elements, finalists will need to complete every step of the task, before uploading their entries via a special online portal during a two-week window in September:

1) A final stage entry form, including personal and contact details
2) Eight images of a NEW look created on a model or head block
3) Two videos, each two minutes long
4) An image of a mood board for the look
5) A photo of themselves against a white background
6) A list of all products and colour formulas used to create their look

Submissions open: September 8
Submissions close: September 23 at 5pm

Wella TrendVision 2020 final task

At the heart of the brief, is the creation of a brand-new look that meets the criteria for the category each of the competitors have finalised in. This look has to be significantly different to their previous Photographic entry, and as lockdown restrictions are still in place in certain areas of the country, this can be created on a live model or a blockhead.

There are also two video elements required of all finalists. One is to focus on their preparation – coming up with their look, demonstrating the techniques and sectioning they are using, as they talk about their inspiration and creative research– and the second must show their process as they physically create the look on the hair (including both progress check ins and colour development where relevant), as well as a 360º view of the completed colour or style.

The full finalists’ brief can be viewed on the official Wella Professionals TrendVision Award 2020 website. All finalists will also have the opportunity to join a digital briefing session on Zoom, which will be hosted by Wella Educators and Guest Judges on 24th August from 10am to 11.30am. The session will cover the judging criteria for each category and share practical tips on video-editing and taking professional photos on a mobile.

Good luck everyone!

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