The future of hair is digital

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That pencil-smudged, coffee-stained appointment book on your reception desk might look innocuous enough, but it is holding you back.

Why? Because the paltry number of online bookings is not through a lack of consumer desire – online is how we all choose to organise our lives now – it’s simply because salons are resisting. And that’s hurting them deeply. With salons set to re-open once more, now is the time to reboot your business, in fact reboot the industry to future-proof salons and barbershops across the land.

We could talk technology – and there are amazing widgets and apps with whizzy bang brilliance – but that won’t convince those salon owners scared about change, and nervous about the cost following a time when they’ve had little or no money coming in. So, we’re talking to the salon owners who have been in those shoes, have taken the leap with Treatwell – Europe’s biggest booking platform – and have never looked back.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the best opportunity in a generation to bring about change and reap the benefits of switching to a modern, efficient and easy-to-use online system, that still enables you to retain full control of your business.

So read (and watch!) on to find out why the future of your hair business has to be digital…

Let’s banish the book, bust the myths and start
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