The future proofers: part two

Life moves pretty fast and the consumer landscape can rapidly change… that’s why these salons are future proofing their businesses to ensure they thrive under any circumstances  

Ebano, Ballinteer, Co. Dublin (@ebanoballinteer)

Having initially overhauled the website last Christmas, Karan Burke and the Ebano team were just too busy in the salon to really do much work to it. But as 2020 arrived they started to expand what was offered, adding more lines on the e-commerce side, slowly but surely. Then, when lockdown came into force and the salon closed, Karan saw an opportunity. 

“Our clients have trust in us, and we started communicating with them straight away,” explains Karan. “I introduced myself and started sharing little details, like how many orders we were packing a day. There was one day where we sold 196 of just one item – I almost wanted to ask people to calm down!” she laughs. And the most popular Redken sale? “Color Extend Blondage Express Anti-Brass Mask, oh my gosh! I couldn’t keep it in stock,” she exclaims. “It’s incredible!” 

Getting all the stock in lockdown could prove tricky, but Redken was “there for me 100 per cent,” says Karan. “Always on hand to support us, and able to sort out deliveries. Nothing was a problem.” 

One idea with real impact was Tune in Tuesdays, using Instagram Stories to educate clients on products and share home tutorials and answer any questions… Online consultations were also available to “make sure people got exactly what they needed”, Karan explains of the prescriptive approach, with the team following up to ensure clients were happy with their solutions. 

And it’s encouraging real loyalty, with the e-commerce side becoming a business in itself as some clients are yet to return to Dublin. Click and collect and free delivery are also available to locals. “People are supporting us with sales,” she says, “that means so much as we always try to pull out all the stops.” 

Photography by Hikaru Funnell @ Capture Collect 

Seckingtons, Northampton and Milton Keynes (@seckingtonsnorthampton @seckingtonsmk)

With his six-month marketing plan written, Johnny Seckington is ready for action. During lockdown, his motto was ‘survival, revival and thriving when back’, and he’s true to his word. Step one has been to sell the staff online instead of products – “they are our biggest source of income” – and each has written their own bio to encourage the perfect pairings of client and stylist. There’s been a focus on new clients, with investment in SEO and Google Ads helped by the Redken team. 

And any client-free spare time staff get is now being used to educate. So rather than staying in specialist cutting or colour silos, each stylist can offer more services. “Any white space you can fill is an opportunity for us to earn more money,” he explains. And lots of that education is now digital, with many of the team using Access by L’Oréal. “It costs us a fortune to send staff to London for training, so I’m a massive virtual fan,” he smiles, “and the Access platform is incredible. If we have quiet periods in the salon, we jump on Access.” 

That digital fandom extends to the L’Oréal Partner Shop too. He says: “It is important to our business to always keep a close eye on stock, and that’s why L’Oréal Partner Shop is so brilliant. In fact, I’ve done an order this morning on treatments I’m running low on, and it will be here tomorrow. That’s precisely what I need for my business.” 

He’s now getting ahead and ordering the Christmas sets, which include a free shampoo: “They did so well last year,” says Johnny. “Clients love the fact they get something for free.” 

The power of great hair

Nothing can compare to that ‘fresh from the salon’ feeling, and this year Redken’s ‘The Power of Great Hair’ seasonal campaign and new Limited Edition gift sets will help to capture that feeling of ‘hair empowerment’ and salon love all season long. The sets contain product mixes perfect for every hair need and promise to deliver powerful results! The brightly coloured packs with holographic finishes will ensure brilliant stand out on shelf and the offer of a free shampoo in every set will make them completely irresistible to any client! 

 To order, visit or contact your Redken Business Partner.

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