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A Dyson Supersonic professional hairdryer shown in front of a mirror in a salon setting
Salons are high-pressure environments – you need the right tools to be able to drive your business further. And engineering doesn’t come much more advanced than Dyson, to give you the edge you need.

Great engineering and design solve issues you didn’t even know you had. When you’re racing through long days with demanding clients and all of the issues that crop up throughout, you need to know you have the right tools to power you across the line. Dyson tools are engineered to ensure that not even a second of time is wasted.

Championed by top stylists across the globe, Dyson is powering high performance results for all hair types. Its industry-leading engineers have been dedicating their energy to pushing the capabilities of hair tools even further. Dyson disrupted the market with never-before-seen technology that protects hair from extreme heat, thanks to intelligent heat control, making life easier for hairdressers while producing great results at the same time.

Switching it up

Originally introduced into the world of hair five years ago, the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer encapsulates so much of the brand’s problem-solving approach. In a nut shell, the hair dryer uses a fast but focused airflow for precise styling, with the temperature of the airflow constantly measured to prevent and protect against extreme heat damage. The product has a filtration system and professional attachments, designed in collaboration with renowned hair stylists across the globe. It’s also home to the digital V9 motor – Dyson’s smallest, lightest, most advanced digital motor that made the room to ergonomically improve the hair dryer.

After rigorously testing different hair types in their laboratories, Dyson has engineered different attachments for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to style different types of hair. Dyson engineered attachments include the Smoothing Nozzle, Styling Concentrator, Diffuser, Wide Tooth Comb, and Gentle Air. Not satisfied with breaking the mould when it comes to hairdryer performance, Dyson is continuing to innovate with the new Flyaway attachment, with a totally unique design that uses that ultra-fast airflow to help mimic the action of a professional blow-dry and leave hair sleek and polished.

A diagram of the Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment in actionHairdresser Dylan Bradshaw using the Dyson Supersonic professional hairdryerA female model with brunette hair in an ponytail, styled by Dylan Bradshaw using the Dyson SupersonicA female model with a blonde bob hairstyle , being styled by Dylan Bradshaw using the Dyson SupersonicA female model with a blonde bob hairstyle , styled by Dylan Bradshaw using the Dyson Supersonic
We were working with the engineers on aspects of upcoming product designs, and I was asking lots of questions about airflow and direction, how to deal with flyaway hairs, how not to disturb the flow… they ran with that idea, and developed it a lot more.The exciting thing about working with Dyson is that it reinvents the wheel every time. Rather than ‘here’s an idea, let’s make it better’, it’s ‘actually, let’s pull this apart and just do something different from scratch.’ And professionals? Watch this space. It’s only going to get better.Dylan Bradshaw, Dylan Bradshaw Hair Salon and Academy

The ultimate flex

The Dyson Corrale straighteners on a product standHairdresser Larry King using the Dyson Corrale straightenersA female model with brunette hair in loose waves , styled by Larry King using the Dyson CorraleA series of Dyson Corrale prototypes, showing product design progression
When straighteners are such a part of our everyday lives, you might wonder how Dyson managed to create such a seismic shift in the industry with the announcement of the Corrale. The clever engineers at Dyson stripped the straightener down to its core components, questioned everything, and built something totally new: durable, flexing plates housed in a sleek cord-free package.

Built for pure performance, everything has been considered. The manganese copper alloy flexing plates flex subtly to gather and control the hair, allowing you to achieve your desired style with less heat. The energy-dense battery, allowing for 30 minutes of cordless use,* helps to achieve the optimal balance in the hand so that it feels like an extension of yourself.

With intelligent heat control, and an automatic safety shut-off, everything has been considered. Whether you’re manoeuvring in tight quarters backstage at fashion shows or helping your clients to feel safe and comfortable in your salon chair without being tethered to them, the Corrale is the ultimate styling tool for any situation.

We enjoy using the Dyson Corrale in the salon because it’s cordless. It affects your movements – you can achieve a better curve, a better curl, better movement. The edges and the shape of the Corrale enables you to get desired results in a more natural form. There’s a real difference in the condition of the hair too, because of the temperature and the way the flexing plates work. In my opinion, hair feels a lot softer; it doesn’t ever feel crispy or stiff. It’s almost like the finish from blow-drying the hair, that softness and movement at the ends which is what our clients are looking for in our salon. It fits our aesthetic and the way we work. Being able to adjust the temperature means you can use them on all hair types, too.Larry King, Larry King Salon

Dyson tools are sleek, streamlined and stunning – but it’s when you pop the hood that you find the real magic. It’s all about instilling confidence in your clients as we move into a post-pandemic world. With many clients remaining on high-alert when it comes to hygiene, noticeable efforts to keep them healthy – both in body and hair – will go a long way to building that bond between you. As a professional you need to empower clients to feel their very best, whether that is through visible cleaning measures or the tools in your hands.

Protecting hair from extreme heat damage was always a core component when designing the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer, as well as the Corrale. More than £100 million has been invested in Dyson’s Hair Laboratories to better understand how to protect and enhance natural hair through specialist engineering. Those oh-so clever flexing plates of the Corrale are a true game-changer in protecting against extreme heat damage. In being able to subtly shift and gather strands of hair into position, it allows you to style with enhanced control, reducing the need for higher heat levels. The result? 50 per cent less breakage,* less frizz and fewer flyaways.**

Dyson’s filtration technology is also built into the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer. The tool features a new and improved two-part depth loading, maximum efficiency, maximum airflow filter, attuned to respond to the air pollutant nuances within professional styling environments. The new filter extends the life cycle between each filter clean to once every one to three months, minimising tool downtime and in turn limiting cuts to profitable styling time.

Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment hero model with brunette mid-length hair and a fringeThe Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment


Keep ’em coming


The new Flyaway attachment for the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer is just one of many touches from Dyson that keep clients coming back. By automating the brush action that is so inherent to perfecting that blow-drying technique – known as the Coanda effect – this magnetic attachment allows you to tame even stubborn flyaways without resorting to extreme heat or overloading hair with product. Taming the hair with the airflow alone, the attachment attracts and lifts longer hairs at the front while a second jet of air pushes flyaways through the bend and out of sight. It’s that touch of magic that gets clients talking, all while showing how you’re ahead of the curve.

And talk they can, as the aero-acoustics was a huge factor in the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer’s design. Dyson’s digital v9 motor powers the dryer. Dyson’s engineers refined the design of the impeller, which sits at the heart of the V9 motor, to enable one tone within the motor to be pushed out of the perceivable range of humans. Don’t forget to regularly clean the filter of the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer!

*Thermal damage measured by hair strength, when creating an equivalent hair style. Tested on flexing plates versus solid plates.
**Direct image analysis versus untreated hair.


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