The Gloss – It’s time for your expertise to shine

Glossing techniques have become the best way to keep clients coming in regularly, as continual updates to formulations allow for high-speed, high-shine results.

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“Expensive hair is healthy-looking hair,” says Samantha Cusick, whose London salons have become synonymous with a glossy, picture-perfect finish. “The best way to achieve perfectly shiny hair is with a gloss.”

After – and between – each lifting service, you need to be waxing lyrical to clients about the effects of glossing services. “We use the Redken Shades EQ range to create a high shine, multi-tonal blend,” Samantha continues. “These gloss-giving, liquid colours can refresh dull-looking hair by adding tone and shine in just 20 minutes.”

“Glossing is where Indola Colour Transformer comes into its own,” explains Paddy McDougall, Indola’s global ambassador. Billed as Indola’s smartest colour innovation, the Colour Transformer is compatible with more than 80 shades in the Indola line, transforming them into a semi-permanent formula with impeccable shine. “It’s so important to maintain the integrity of the fabric of the hair,” he adds. “If the hair is compromised then so is your client’s look and, crucially, their trust in your ability.”

Wella Professional’s latest launch, Shinefinity, really showcases the versatility of glossing services. From giving a glass-like finish to virgin hair, to tweaking tones without worrying about shifting the base tone, Shinefinity is infinitely flexible.

Introduce a separate glossing service, rather than bundling it in automatically with your colour, to see just how much further this thriving trend can take your colour business. And many brands are unveiling next level innovative glazes – Goldwell’s Colorance Gloss Tones and ALFAPARF Milano’s Color Wear Gloss Toners would both be spot-on for such a service upgrade.  

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