The gritty Mod by Sharon Robinson

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Transporting the In Session audience back to the swinging Sixties, Sharon Robinson  shares how she served up volume, texture and a faux fringe for her modern mod look

The Look

With a new twist on an ‘old school’ look, Sharon Robinson subverted the traditional, voluminous styles typically seen during the sixties with more texture and movement throughout the lengths and ends, as well as the addition of a faux fringe.


The Inspiration

“I love this period of time, it was so cool. Everything went from constrained hair to being let out and allowed to  just fall into shape,” says Sharon. Using musical inspirations from one of her favourite decades, Sharon wanted to create a character named Tiffany, who was “a bit rebellious but not too rebellious.”

“Music especially inspires me. I’m stuck in the sixties and seventies; it’s that time when people went from soul to punk.”
– Sharon Robinson

Sharon Robinson working backstage at The Coterie: In Session

Model with hair in curlers at The Coterie: In Session

Sharon Robinson curling model's hair

The Method

Preparation for the look began by placing sections of the hair in rollers, all of which were the same size. After removing the rollers, sea salt spray and texture spray were used to give the hair “real guts” ready for backcombing. ” I didn’t want it to be too beehive-y, but needed to make a solid base. I really went for it, because I wanted the hair to be really fluffy,  because the model struggles to get texture to stay with her really straight hair.”

Next, the faux fringe was added with double sided tape for quick and easy application along her hairline. “I decided to keep the fringe just off her natural colour to make it a bit rebellious.” Pins were then used to secure in place. A curling tong was used at the back to help blend the piece with natural hair.

Sharon’s Top Tip…

“When adding hair pieces it’s best to prepare the piece a bit by working it in with the natural hair, rather than over-prepping the natural hair and then adding the piece.”

Model with faux fringe at The Coterie: In Session

Model with faux fringe at The Coterie: In Session


The Kit

BaByliss PRO ItaliaBrava Hair Dryer
BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 32MM Curling Tong
Texture spray
Seas salt spray


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